Lee Ha-yan, “Depression and weight up to 128 kg… I was lying like a corpse”

MBN ‘Korea 1% Health Hearing’ broadcast screen capture © News1

Lee Ha-Yan, who is active as a health evangelist after escaping from obesity over 100 kg, recalled her popularity in her prime.

On the 26th, MBN ‘Korea 1% Health Hearing’ was decorated with the theme of ‘Doubt the enemy of obesity hormone’, and actress Lee Ha-yan appeared as a guest.

Upon the appearance of actor Lee Ha-yan, who lost 38 kg from 108 kg, MC Shin Hyun-jun introduced him, saying, “At the time of his debut, he was very popular because of his urban appearance.”

Lee Ha-yan said, “The person famous for his urban beauty is Kim Nam-joo, and I’m a bit of a brat.”

Looking back on those days, Lee Ha-yan said, “At that time, I was so busy that I didn’t choose any genre (field) from historical drama to melodrama.

Lee Ha-yan, who said that she was not at all fat, said, “Even if I eat a lot and don’t exercise, even if I give birth, I’m like, ‘Why are you on a diet?’ It was like this. Actually, I was cheeky.”

“However, one day I became very obese and my health and life were threatened, and there was a sense of urgency that I would die if I continued living like this.

Shim Jin-hwa, surprised by Lee Ha-yan’s words that she weighed over 100 kg, said, “I can’t believe it.” I started dancing when I was in the first year of middle school and have been doing it for 12 years, and it wasn’t my natural constitution. Would you believe me if I said I ate 8 meals a day?” he asked.

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Lee Ha-yan, who is 175.5 cm tall, said, “I always maintained a weight of 50-55 kg. I gained weight,” he added.

Also, when asked by the MC, “Did the sudden weight gain cause any health problems?” He said, “I felt like my lungs were closed. It became stiff and the pain came. Also, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia were all full of toxins, so when I looked at the sunlight, I felt dizzy and vomited.

After experiencing obesity and a slump in life, Lee Ha-yan realized the importance of health and succeeded in regaining health through exercise. With this opportunity, he, who is now called a ‘health evangelist’, appealed to the importance of management, emphasizing, “Diet is not limited to beauty, but is connected to life. Therefore, diet is essential for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ha-yan made her debut as a theater actress in 1993, and made her official debut as a talent in the 4th SBS recruitment in 1994. He married actor Heo Jun-ho in 1997 and had a daughter together, but divorced in 2003.

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