Lee Jeong-eun was locked in a cold storage for 30 years. Go Soo X Heo Joon-ho X Ahn So-hee Shocking Missing They Were There 2

Lee Jeong-eun has been locked in a cold storage for 30 years.

In the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Missing: They Were There 2’, which aired on the night of the 30th, Wook (Go Soo), Pan-seok (Heo Jun-ho), and Jong-ah (Ahn So-hee) learned the truth about the death of Eun-sil (Lee Jeong-eun).

Jong-ah, who was investigating Eun-sil’s death that day, wondered, “All the other crew members returned alive, but only the captain died? The record says that the captain went out to the deck and was not seen.” In response, Panseok said, “I heard that Captain Kang collapsed in the captain’s room while radioing?”

On the other hand, the old couple, who said that only Seonjang Kang’s ancestral rites had been held for 30 years, looked at Wook, Panseok, and Jong-ah with wary eyes. In particular, the husband, who secretly opened the freezer warehouse and saw Wook’s group, was startled and dropped the key to the freezer warehouse. When Eun-sil (Lee Jung-eun) died, he found out that he had stolen his freezer.

My wife said, “I suffered from a specter for 30 years. I did enough for Eun-sil hyung-nim,” and said, “I sent you well, hyung-sil.” Panseok said, “We didn’t come to find out, but they sent it? Where is Seonjang Kang’s body?” That older brother’s ghost got attached to me and choked me for 30 years.”

After seeing Eunsil’s body frozen like a lump of meat, the three of them shed tears at the horror and felt sorry for Eunsil, who must have disappeared from Industrial Complex 3. However, at the supermarket, Eun-sil greeted Wook and Panseok with a bright smile, adding to the curiosity about the future development.

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