Lee Jin-ho “Han So-hee, did you grow up with your grandmother? Revealing misunderstandings and truth” (Video)

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It was revealed that actress Han So-hee worked part-time six days a week to pay off her mother’s debt.

On the 7th, YouTuber Jinho Lee posted on his YouTube channel, ‘You grew up with your grandmother? Han So-hee’s explanation of misunderstandings and truth’.

YouTube, entertainment president Lee Jin-ho

Lee Jin-ho explained, “Han So-hee’s parents divorced when she was about 5 years old, and she was raised by her grandmother. After that, she and her grandmother came to Ulsan with her mother at the age of 17, but she did not see her often.

She continued, “My mother, Shin, did not properly raise Han So-hee. At this time, my mother opened an account in Han So-hee’s name and recently started a problematic incident.” He said he was seriously injured.”

In the end, Han So-hee went to Seoul without looking back after becoming an adult. She seldom communicated with her after that, but her problem was Mr. Shin’s debt. Han So-hee, who worked part-time on her own, even paid off her mother’s 20 million won debt.

At the time, Sohee Han worked 12 hours at a pub from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. 6 days a week. Jinho Lee said, “I spent all of her money, but coming back was another debt news from her mother. It is said that those debts have grown out of control since her debut. So, she drew a line with her mother.” claimed.

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Previously, it was reported that Han So-hee and her mother, Shin, were being sued for fraud. Han So-hee’s agency 9 Ato Entertainment explained, “Han So-hee’s mother used a bank account in Han So-hee’s name in the process of borrowing money. It was opened arbitrarily when Han So-hee was a minor.”

He continued, “My mother used the bankbook to borrow money (without Sohee Han). There was even a case of forgery of private documents. drew,” he said.

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