Lee Sang-ho confirmed not guilty of defamation of Seo Hae-soon in ‘Kim Gwang-seok murder’

picture explanationReporter Lee Sang-ho. Photo ㅣ Yonhap News

Reporter Lee Sang-ho, who was handed over to trial for defaming the late singer Kim Gwang-seok’s wife, Seo Hae-soon, was acquitted by the Supreme Court. It has been four years and two months since he was handed over to trial on charges of defaming Seo by raising suspicions of the murder of Kim Gwang-seok.

According to the legal community on the 13th, the first division of the Supreme Court (Chief Judge Oh Kyung-mi) confirmed the lower court’s verdict of acquittal in the appeal of Lee Sang-ho, who was recently indicted on charges of defamation, etc.

Lee Sang-ho raised suspicions of Kim Kwang-seok’s murder in the movie ‘Kim Gwang-seok’ directed by Lee Sang-ho, and pointed out his wife Seo as the suspect.

He also claimed that Seo was also involved in the death of Kim Gwang-seok’s daughter, Seo Yeon-yang, who inherited the music copyright. After the release of the movie, he compared Seo to ‘The Devil’ and ‘Choi Soon-sil’ through a press conference or his SNS.

Seo filed a claim for damages in November 2017, claiming that he had “infringed his human rights”, and Lee Sang-ho was indicted by the prosecution on charges of defamation.

In the first trial, which was conducted as a participatory trial, the seven jurors unanimously returned a verdict of not guilty. The first trial court said, “There are exaggerated or unconfirmed facts about the cause of Kim’s death in the movie, but the main purpose was to arouse public opinion as a whole. ” I saw.

The second trial also judged the first trial, saying, “I used inappropriate expressions, but it is difficult to conclude that the criticism has been exceeded, and it is not against the social norms, so the illegality is not recognized.” has been maintained

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However, the court ruled in favor of Seo in a civil lawsuit claiming compensation for damages suffered by Seo against Lee and Kim Kwang-seok’s older brother, Gwangbok. In May of last year, Mr. Seo lost the lawsuit for damages filed against him and the news accusation, and has to pay 100 million won in compensation.

At that time, the second trial judge said, “There is a marked lack of objective grounds to consider that the allegation is reasonable. aggravated,” he pointed out.

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