Legendary K. Abdul-Jabbar: There is no place in the NBA for players who refuse vaccines

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), as around the world, there is no debate about the benefits of coronavirus vaccines.

The league recommends that all players get vaccinated, and in New York and San Francisco, teams that don’t do so won’t even be admitted to the arenas. However, stars like Andrew Wiggins or Kyrie Irving still refuse vaccines.

The most productive NBA player of all time decided to express his opinion on this issue Kareemas Abdul-Jabbaras.

“The NBA must demand that players and coaches’ staff members be vaccinated or fired from teams. Such players have no place in the league because they are prepared to risk the health and lives of their teammates, coaches and fans simply because they fail to understand the seriousness of the situation. The arrogance and disbelief of antiviral experts in medical experts seems particularly reckless to me. If their children need urgent medical help, how soon will they start listening to the same experts? ”The legendary athlete asked.

Abdul-Jabbar, 74, is generally respected by people who do not like the country’s government. The athlete converted to Islam in 1968, changed his name from Frederick Lewis Alcindor, and refused to represent the country in the Olympics in protest against the United States (US) policy on racism.

The legendary midfielder has earned as many as 38,387 points during his career in the NBA and remains at the top of the list to this day, although LeBron James (35,367 points) will break his record in the coming years.

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