Legion. Vuković answers Interia: I listen to what Wojciech Kowalczyk says

– The team grew during the season, built up, got better and better. However, there is a lot to improve. I am at the stage when I listen to what Wojciech Kowalczyk is saying more than stroking. I need these words now and look less sweet – that’s how Interia’s question about the summary of the ending season is answered by Legia’s coach Aleksandar Vuković.

At the last pre-season press conference this season, there was time to talk about what was behind us, but also about what soon before Legia. We asked the coach of the new Polish champion about what he is most satisfied with this season and what needs improvement.

– I’m happy with this team. We managed to complete the most important goal, i.e. the championship. Now I listen to opinions, even those that give me to understand, but also to everyone around me that there is a lot to improve. There is nothing to rave about. We also showed a lot of our weaknesses. However, I do not want to depreciate our result in any way. With all the awareness that we’ve done a lot of cool work, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done better, ”says Aleksandar Vuković.

We also asked the Polish champions coach about the best Legia players in the ending games.

– You’d have to think a little about choosing the best three. Certainly, it is commendable that most players have made progress since the beginning of the season, although not everyone has always been in top form. There is a large group of players who looked good this season. It would be easiest to say that Michał Karbownik has made the greatest progress. He is young, he was supposed to start playing in a team as a player who was supposed to change and it became different. He became the basic footballer from the spot.

– I wish he would stay with us. It would be most appropriate for him to play Legia for a year. It is possible that next season I will want to put him in a different position than just the defender. Artur Jędrzejczyk and Igor Lewczuk also made progress – adds a Serbian trainer.

In the next match against Pogoń Szczecin Legia will play in a very similar composition to the duel with Lechia Gdańsk. Paweł Wszołek will join the group of those absent, who has also been given time off.

– I am glad that this large group of players can regenerate and rest. They deserved it. The more that we are facing a lot of new challenges soon. Everyone will return to class on July 29, says Vuković.

On Sunday, Ariel Mosór will receive the opportunity to debut from the first minute. Damian Warchoł will probably also make his debut. He should play on the field for a few minutes.

– It is possible that with Pogoń I will check more young players. We reported to the team two more players from the reserve team. With such large changes, you should not expect that they will immediately know how to present themselves. They are making progress and this should be enjoyed. It promises to be a pleasant match. We will have the opportunity to thoroughly trace our staff, which also matters regarding what lies ahead. We will get a clear picture of who you can count on next season – says Vuković.

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