Legislative Assembly of Bolivia could bring Jeanine Áñez to trial (+ Video)

La Paz, Sept 11 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia’s Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) could take the country’s de facto president, Jeanine Áñez, to court for corruption, local media reported today.
The preparations for a process against Añez are based on repeated complaints of mismanagement of international credits approved by the legislature to confront Covid-19.

The president of the ALP, Eva Copa, confirmed the day before about the case and pointed out that it is the result of a path in which all instances as established by law were exhausted.

‘We are waiting for the deadlines, exhausting the instances accordingly, to bring the president to a judgment of responsibilities because she is the highest authority in our country; also to the Ministry of Economy, because they are the ones who manage our resources, ‘said Copa, according to the newspaper Página Siete.

Senator for the Movement to Socialism (MAS), the head of the Bolivian legislature also accused the de facto president of putting the country in debt and leading it towards an “economic catastrophe.”

In statements collected by the official website of the Chamber of Senators, Copa clarified that they will exhaust all resources so that the Áñez administration complies with the Law for the Control and Supervision of Public Debt and Donations.

He explained that since coming to power in November 2019, the de facto government has managed to accumulate one billion dollars from credits and donations, however, he questioned, the use of that money has not been seen.

‘This transitional government is dedicated to asking for money for corruption and not to satisfy the needs of Bolivians (…). There is a premium, even with health they play and campaign, ‘said the MAS senator.

Copa regretted that the Áñez administration does not comply with what is established in the Political Constitution of the State by hiding information on credits and obstructing the ALP’s obligation to control said resources.


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