LEGO IDEAS Creators Project God Restores Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Watch

Although smart watches are quite popular, many friends who love the Casio G-Shock series will still start when they encounter their favorite styles. If you are a G-Shock supporter and a LEGO building block player, this is created by Pedro Jimenez The LEGO Ideas project of LEGO is about to support itself, hoping to make it officially favored and officially launched by LEGO.

The LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster building block project created by Jimenez perfectly restores the Casio G-Shock. He not only scales the watch to reproduce the original design and structure of the watch, but also enables the hour and minute hands to move when the knob on the right is turned. Follow the rotation to achieve the effect of adjusting the time. In addition, Jimenez also carefully prepared another strap and a separate display stand, so that the completed building blocks can be well displayed.

LEGO Ideas allows netizens to submit the creation of building block models. If they receive more than 10,000 support within two years, they will be eligible for official review. If commercial production is finally implemented, the original designer will receive royalties. The LEGO G-Shock Mudmaster project now has more than 2,100 supporters, and there are about 560 days left until the end of the project.

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