LEGO Super Mario: release date and (crisp) price are fixed!

As expected, the LEGO Super Mario sets become quite expensive when they appear in summer.

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Recently, LEGO and Nintendo announced their joint LEGO Super Mario project, in which an electronic Mario character runs a self-made course to collect coins. Now the release date and price for the product line have been announced.

The first sets should appear on August 1st. The starter package will already cost 60 euros. At the same time, two optional extensions appear that we have not yet seen in the first trailer. It is a seesaw with piranha plants for 20 euros and a slightly larger lock from Bowser for, hold on, 100 euros. This means that the sets released on August 1st cost 180 euros.

The starter package is basically required to play, since only this contains a Mario figure, which is equipped with a scanner on the underside, through which the plumber can react to various elements of the course with LCD facial expressions.

At the start of sales there will also be a free smartphone application that records high scores, contains a digital user manual and provides inspiration for the construction.

LEGO Super Mario – Let the Adventures Begin Trailer

This is what the new LEGO Mario adventure looks like in action!

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