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Astrological news: the Moon is in Sagittarius that approaches the new moon, that is the new December Moon. The only planet that continues retrograde is Uranus, in Aries.

Although it seems like the things around you are confusing, the truth is that this is not how you can carry on your love life with a word of encouragement.

Money flows in your hands and in a short time you will have resources to pay off the delinquent debts, update yourself and solve many economic problems. Speak, communicate, what you carry in your heart. Your words will not fall on deaf ears and will happily correspond.

Holidays are approaching Which sign is best for traveling?


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to love

The best thing happens in a few days when you discover the love you thought was just a friend or an adventure. Your inner world is revitalizing and you can relive an intense passion that in the past has rejoiced your romantic life.


There is a beneficial astral influence in your sign that increases your natural faculties of regeneration and healing. Listen to the voice of your intuition and do not make imprudence because if you keep a good rhythm you will not have problems.

I work

In your work there arises an unexpected situation that can take you out of your boxes and cause anxiety, but do not take it as something definitive or personal, but simply analyze it and not react in an exaggerated way because it does not satisfy you.

How is it that Saint Nicolas has become Santa Claus?


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Money and luck

There is a glimpse of the possibility of a business trip or a short trip abroad that will give you some money. Maybe it's earlier than expected. Prepare your suitcases and documents to avoid taking you by surprise.

Today's astral biorhythm

Sexual energy level this Friday: intense.
Cosmic dynamics you should take advantage of: your energy level that inspires you and inspires others on the eve of the new moon.
Dangerous trend today in your sign Leo: think you're always right in everything.
What should I avoid? Arrogant and self-sufficient attitudes that prevent you from listening to opinions different from yours.

Couple prediction for today Friday

The best relationship today: this Friday things will be very good for you if your partner is a sign of fire like Aries and Sagittarius and in the case of Aquarius – of the air element, but your opposite.
The tighter relationship: tensions can arise with signs of water such as Scorpio and Pisces, as well as with Capricorn.
Your current compatibility: you are in harmony with the other elements of fire, especially with Sagittarius, and also with the air, such as Aquarius and Gemini.
If you are single or single: you are about to dabble and explore lands so far ignored by you.


Ritual to attract luck and fortune


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