World Leonel assures Summit for Covid would cause a lot...

Leonel assures Summit for Covid would cause a lot of impact

Former President Leonel Fernández yesterday joined Listín Diario’s proposal for a Covid-19 summit to be held in the country, in which the different sectors of national life participate in the search for joint solutions to the crisis it faces. the nation because of the epidemic.

Fernández, president of the Fuerza del Pueblo party, said that he has always favored a meeting of this nature, and although he said he would have to consult first with the senior management of his party, he is sure if he is summoned that entity will participate as an organization to present its ideas and proposals for solutions.

He understands that now the most important thing is to contribute and that starting a new government administration, the call for a summit to discuss ideas would be of great impact.

Dialogue is always helpful
Interviewed in the Listin Diario newsroom, the former president said that any dialogue is always useful and that it is phenomenal that the different sectors of national life can participate, because each sector receives the impact in a different way.

Impact of the deadly virus
As an example of this, he cited the fact that the tourism sector has an agenda to see how it mitigates the impact of Covid, the industrial sector alike, the agricultural sector that has its own implementation, and that therefore each sector has a proposal on how to deal with it. .

“So the proposal that was born from the director of Listín Diario Miguel Franjul is a valid proposal to listen and on the basis of being able to listen there are more real, more specific data, more in details of how that affects each one”, he pointed.

On that basis, he added, public policies can be designed that go to the different sectors and that are more effective than those decided by a single group of officials or a group of technicians, who may be very prepared, but do not have reality with the link that each sector would have.

This pandemic has multiple effects, explained Fernández, one on the health part that is still uncertain about how it will be resolved, but there is also the economic part, the social part, the education that there arises the question of what will be done with the year school. “So it is good to have the opinion of the sectors involved, including officials, school principals and parents,” he added.


Former President Leonel Fernández pointed out that on a global scale there is concern that the virus will not disappear, despite the fact that the different measures proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) have been adopted.

What was not explained
In the Dominican Republic, he explains, initially it was not understood what the diagnostic test was for and barriers were created for mass access, which did not allow establishing the epidemiological profile; Positive people who isolated themselves in homes have not been monitored and the confinement was not applied on time and in full.



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