Santo Domingo, RD.

The presidential candidate of the People’s Force, Leonel Fernández, reiterated that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) will not win the elections does not matter all that dealt because the population condemned them to a defeat.

“Now go and pay a visit to a sorcerer and ask him to please guide what your destiny will be, and make the act more unforgivable: they say to him, the warlock of farewell that the PLD is your home, meaning that the PLD will become a temple of witchcraft, but that candidate does not save nor does the centers spiritualists,” said Fernandez.

He pointed out that the victories obtained by the PLD were the basis of unity and respect but these characteristics have been lost.

“Not able to understand, and today, they lament, that PLD always won on the basis of the unity, of respect, of solidarity and companionship, but the arrogance palatial made them lose the sense of history,” he said.

He assured that if the Strength of the People classified in the elections held on Sunday in the first round, the different organizations of the government will support you.

“There’s only one way to win, and that is that the FP rate the next Sunday in the first election round and then the bases and the leaders means that are in the different functions of the government will support us reunificando the vote, he noted.

As A joke, the leader of the People’s Force, who swore more than a thousand expeledeístas of the constituency 1 in the National District, said she feels worried because in a contradiction, while swears to most leaders, the surveys will give less, which caused laughter among those present.

“Therefore, being by integrating today more than a thousand companions, I am afraid that the next survey will give us a 4 %, the only thing is… that the reality is more obstinate than any survey, and though they say, zero, the FP is in the heart of the dominican people,” he said.

PLD today must be the nightmare of that “got it wrong”

He said that when the history of this electoral process of 2020, will be seen as an unprecedented event, because it started with a great fraud: “the 6 October”.

He recalled that his departure from the PLD, the box national political pulled himself together as a result of that fact, recalling that already in the dome peledeísta had the determination that he and his followers leave the party.

“Because the criteria has always been that anyone who leaves the dome of the LDP ends badly, and at the same time the PLD is strengthened with each output, it was what was expected. I know that that dome ever thought that today was going to be more than a thousand leaders of the PLD who joined the ranks of PR,” he said.

He said that “today should be the nightmare that they were wrong in their calculation and, consequently, that the FP in just 8 months of being created, is already the decisive force.

He recalled that in addition was being prepared by the fraud of the 16th of February the same way that took place, six of October, with which it is sought to have a greater amount of the mayors of what was then the PLD, which has 106 municipalities of 158.

“When there is a suspension of the vote on the 16th of February, who chairs the LDP gave some statements reckless, saying that they had 126 mayors. The OAS makes a report and it refers to 21 findings, when one reads it, realizes that the OAS used a diplomatic language, there are 21 findings, there are 21 crimes,” he said.


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