Leonor jura "comply with and enforce the Constitution" and renews the validity of the parliamentary monarchy

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Under the portrait of Charles III, dynastic continuity offered another gesture of stability on the day of the Princess of Asturias’ coming of age. Because after the swearing in of the Constitution in the Congress of Deputies, the events were moved to the Royal Palace.

There, the Princess received the Collar of the Order of Charles III awarded to her by the Government. After her father imposed it on her, Leonor thanked her for the decoration and assured that “from today” she incorporates her motto. “virtue and merit” to her status as “Princess of Asturias and Heir to the Crown”.

The young woman recalled that with the oath of the Constitution she has committed herself to democratic principles and constitutional ardor: “I have assumed a great responsibility with Spain before the Cortes Generales, which I hope to reciprocate with the greatest dignity and the best example,” he assured.

The heiress reflected that from today it is owed to all Spaniards: “I will serve at all times with respect and loyalty”, he promised. Finally, on such an “important” day, she made a request: “I ask you to trust me, “As I have put all my trust in our future, the future of Spain,” said the Princess, in an event that ended with new applause.

Already in the Gala dining room, Don Felipe wanted to remind his daughter in his words of the importance of the act they had just performed. The Monarch recalled that it is a day “relevant for our history and full of meaning for Spain.”

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