Leonor swears the flag in front of her father, Felipe VI, and promises to give her life for Spain

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A line of cars queued at the doors of the General Military Academy from Zaragoza from early in the morning. The arrival of civilians and military authorities was a constant trickle. And, inside, battalions of cadets paraded back and forth. There was still an hour before the flag swearing ceremony for the first-year cadets would begin and the nerves were palpable among the 410 young people who, dressed in the period uniform of the Academy, received the latest instructions. Among all of them was the Princess of Asturias, being one more, but not an equal.

The General’s patio was decorated, with all sides full of stands packed with family members and pastries hung from the windows. All the cadets, in perfect formation when the flag entered. It was 12:00 in the morning when the colonel chief of studies gave the order to sign to receive the students. Reyes.

Dona Leonor, the fifth in the front row of her battalion, located to the left of the royal stand, has waited for the authority, her parents, in perfect position. The national anthem played while shots were fired 21 cannon salvos.

Don Felipe has reviewed accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Army and the head of the Military Quarter of His Majesty’s House. “The most solemn and transcendental moment for the life of a soldier has then arrived: the swearing-in.”

Gentlemen and ladies cadets! Do you swear or promise by your conscience and honor to faithfully fulfill your military obligations, to keep and cause to be kept Constitution “as a fundamental rule of the State, obey and respect the King and your leaders, never abandon them and, if necessary, give your life in defense of Spain?”

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