Leonor takes a step forward on her path to the Throne

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The Princess of Asturias has had an active role in the parade on the occasion of October 12. The daughter of the Kings arrived at the military parade with the Army dress uniform and he took his place in the royal gallery, to the right of his father. It was not planned, but in the tribute to those who died in Spain, at the beginning of the parade, after singing along with the rest of the soldiers ‘Death is not the end’, Doña Leonor accompanied her father to lay the laurel wreath.

With a temperate step, the Princess of Asturias has walked alongside King Felipe VI. Together They have stood before the national flag and standing at attention they listened to the response and with respect and solemnity followed the prayer tone.

The Princess, who will fulfill 18 years old next October 31, has quite a bit of weight this day. Later she will participate with her parents in the civil society reception, where she will face a hand kiss from around two thousand people.

in the royal palace Dona Leonor He will participate in a hand kiss before two thousand guests. The Kings and the Princess will stand in the Throne Room and shake the hands of all the guests, who pass by in several batches. First, the Government and representatives of the three powers of the State. Next ambassadors. The Princess will not change her clothes.

There will be representation of mayors of provincial capitals, representatives of companies, and of the Royal Academies. The Kings They have had the detail of inviting some personalities with whom they have shared public events, such as the president of the Spanish Federation of Women Managers or the rector of the César Carlos School that the King visited.

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