Leonor takes another step as Heiress: offering at the parade and reception at the Royal Palace

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The public address system of the parade on the occasion of the National Day announced that tribute would be paid to the fallen. The chords of Death is not the end and, suddenly, the Princess of Asturias He came down from the royal stand with his father, Philip VI, to participate in the floral offering. It was the surprise that Zarzuela and Defensa had prepared, because Leonor thus participated in the parade, rigorously complying with the complicated military protocol that she has already learned after two months at the General Military Academy.

The Princess of Asturias gave this Thursday a important step on the path as Heiress of Spain. Leonor, dressed in a dress uniform of the Army and the grancé beret, returned to the parade on October 12 after two years of absence due to her studies in Wales. She takes over with her sister, the Infanta Sofia, who is precisely studying her first year of International Baccalaureate at the same boarding school where the Heiress was. Leonor followed the parade with interest and with knowledge of everything that was happening, the result of the two months that she has been at the AGM. In fact, some of her fellow cadets from her second class participated in the parade at the training battalion.

After the parade came the grand debut of the Princess of Asturias. It premiered at the reception that the Kings offer at the Royal Palace to celebrate the national holiday. The Princess was surprised when she arrived at the appointment wearing her gala uniform, without the grancé beret, but without changing her clothes. It is true that the invitation asks the military to wear a gala uniform, but it is also true that it is a civil event in which Felipe VI himself changes the captain general’s uniform for the suit. In any case, Doña Leonor preferred to continue wearing her uniform and the Golden Fleece decoration around his neck.

The greeting line began. This reception is traditionally the one to which most personalities are invited, so the Princess of Asturias was faced with shaking hands. more than two thousand hands. The Heiress did not lose her smile during the more than 45 minutes that the hand kiss lasted, paying attention to the specific explanations that her parents gave her when greeting some guests. She was placed to the right of the Queen, who later at the cocktail party, held in various rooms of the Royal Palace, including the gala dining room or the columned dining room, was her main support. Because without a doubt greet the princessand congratulating her in many cases, became the goal of many of the attendees.

Doña Leonor looked especially supported by the seven colleagues from the Academy who were invited to the ceremony. Knights and ladies cadets from different battalions but who know the Heiress, and with whom they shared a moment of conversation during the cocktail. The Queen Letizia She shielded her at all times, concerned about guiding her daughter in this new stage, as she has done since she was born.

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