Leopoldo López gives his support to Machado to lead the Venezuelan opposition

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The opposition primaries, to be held next week, have an owner in advance: the conservative María Corina Machado. According to all the polls, she did not need him at all, but yesterday she added more support to her candidacy by resigning Freddy Superlanostandard bearer of Voluntad Popular (VP), who will defeat Chavismo in 2021 in Barinas, the cradle of the revolution.

Several weeks of arduous negotiations were necessary to seal the agreement between Machado and VP, the party created by the former political prisoner Leopoldo López and in which the former president in charge is active. Juan Guaidó. Superlano precisely replaced Guaidó when he, persecuted by Chavismo, went into exile in the United States.

“We are here to strengthen this process”picked up the political gauntlet Machado, who has received a wave of popular support in his tours around the country precisely for having served as a loose verse in the opposition to Nicolas Maduro.

The most striking thing is that both candidates, Machado and Superlano, are disqualified by the revolution, like the former governor. Henry Capriles, who also abandoned the fight for the presidential nomination a week ago. Precisely in the primaries held by the opposition a decade ago, Leopoldo López joined the candidacy of his great rival, Capriles, because he was weighed down by the disqualification imposed by Hugo Chavez against whoever was the emerging mayor of Chacao in Caracas.

“The decision of our party was unanimous and full of optimism”López said to try to deny the complaints that have arisen among militants from within Venezuela. “On the street everyone professes that she is the winner of the primaries,” Superlano certified. That’s how it is. The pollster Delphos has portrayed the photograph of the political moment and its numbers are conclusive: the leader of Vente Venezuela concentrates 71% of the support, with an advantage of more than 60 points over the social democrat Carlos Prosperi, with barely 10% following. The rest of the candidates, a dozen that cover the entire political spectrum, barely exceed 2% of support.

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