Leoš Mareš ruined Christmas. He confided in what he did

The singer and moderator shared a photo on social networks of lighting the first candle on his beautifully decorated Advent wreath. The whole singer’s decoration looks very idyllic, almost fabulous, he doesn’t even miss a poinsettia on the table.

The only problem captured in the picture was that Mareš was the first to light the last instead of the first candle. But in the end he realized this and the post jokingly described: “I set it on fire again. Christmas in the grove. “

Traditionally, candles should be arranged on the wreath in all four corners of the world to symbolize the shape of the cross. Further it is customary to ignite them counterclockwise. But the moderator remembered that when it was all over.

But not all days are over. In the comments below the post, there is hope that Christmas at Mareš will finally be saved.

Some fans didn’t know where the mistake was, and some plugged in their brains and came up with a variety of creative solutions. “Swap the candles and everything is saved.” one of the fans thought.

“Similarly, mainly peace and quiet,” another female fan confessed together with the singer, and between the lines she suggested that she not stress the problem. Christmas is a holiday of peace and quiet.

“I’d set it on fire, maybe Christmas you will save, “ there was another, somewhat unconventional but bold proposal.

WHERE NOW: Leoš Mareš humorously boasted of the planned date of birth. It’s coming.


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