Les 12 coups de midi responds to its detractors who are sure it is cheating

Eric: The 12 noon shots raise the tension. TF1’s flagship show is about to change the history of its record highs. Presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann, it offers us quality entertainment. Jean-Luc Reichmann asks questions of general knowledge to candidates and allows the winner to gain gains. The winner in place (midday master) has been there for 168 participations. Eric is indeed on the right track to break all records. This is obviously what Jean-Luc Reichmann wishes him and almost all fans of 12 noon shots. Almost, because some people think that Eric is cheating or being helped by the production. Indeed, still a few victories and Eric would erase Christian Quesada, a notorious criminal, from the tables of game records. But Eric is not cheating and can no longer bear these rumors on his account!

The 12 noon shots resume and the suspense is quickly put back in place

The end of containment measures allows 12 noon shots to resume filming. Since May 11, Jean-Luc Reichmann and all the machinery behind the show has started up again. To the delight of fans who were desperate to be content with reruns. And to resume the episodes of the 12 noon shots where we left them, Eric is back too. His ascent is not over yet and he could continue for a long time! But some fans of 12 noon shots would go so far as to say that he is cheating to stay in the running for that long.

Rumors of cheating surround Eric

Rumors of cheating around this candidate do not date from yesterday. They were born when he surpassed Paul’s winning and participating records. Because Paul was by far the preferred candidate of the public of 12 noon shots. The latter was also very close to Jean-Luc Reichmann, who would have even offered him a job in gold. But for Eric, it’s a different story. The candidate is brilliant but he is very reserved. It’s not in his nature to make jokes or tell his life story. So he understands that he may seem cold or distant. And then after all, Eric is there to play and focus on his goal. Going on TV is a bonus but it is not the reason for its presence. His method works but it does not necessarily attract the sympathy of the public.

For Eric, this is not a problem in itself because he knows very well how he is. But what is causing him trouble and which will push him to speak is that he is accused of cheating. Monday, May 18, to start the week off right, Eric wanted to speak on this issue. The plateau of 12 noon shots is the perfect place for his message to be heard. Jean-Luc Reichmann willingly gives him the floor. For Eric, this is too much. Even if he is able to go on knowing that some fans of the show do not fully appreciate him, he cannot bring himself to let them believe that he could cheat. It is a matter of honor for the candidate, and then it affects him. Even if he doesn’t necessarily show it, he is sad that the public may think that he does not deserve his victories.

Eric is frankly speaking to viewers of 12 noon shots to assure them that he is not cheating. The production does not favor him, nor Jean-Luc Reichmann for that matter. His victories he deserves and he trained hard to deserve them. But seeing that the rumors were growing too much, he couldn’t help reacting publicly.

The rumors are too big for Eric to let this go

Indeed, it was on C8 that this rumor of cheating was addressed. And for the columnist Gilles Verdez, on the set of Cyril Hanouna, it shows that Eric knows how to answer the questions that are asked. Fans of Do not touch My TV resumed Gilles Verdez’s reply to attack Eric. But it must now be understood that if Eric knows how to answer the questions he is asked, it is simply because he is training. The candidate does not know the questions in advance and they are not prepared for them to be successful.

Fans of the 12 noon shots seem to have heard Eric’s message. Despite his great general knowledge, he does not cheat and refuses to have this label affixed to him. And Eric’s not just enemies in the audience. Some have already made the effort to understand his character and understand that what looks like arrogance and makes it embarrassing. Not on TV doesn’t make everyone feel good. Jean-Luc Reichmann is like a fish in the water in front of the cameras. Perhaps that accentuates this contrast even more? In any case, Eric was heard. In the future, let’s hope that the rumors about his account will gradually disappear. They shouldn’t come to decentralize it.

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