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And it’s (re) gone for the show! This week, M6 has put the small dishes in the big ones and concocted a busy program for the Queens of shopping. This time, it is personalities well known to the general public who compete on the podium of the show: Hapsatou Sy, Julie Zenatti, Emmanuelle Rivassoux, Roselyne Bachelot and Julia Vignali. All have agreed to take part in this crazy experience in order to try to win 10,000 euros for an association that is particularly close to their hearts.

This Monday, August 24, it is therefore Hapsatou Sy who launched the first. With a budget of 450 euros, the businesswoman and former columnist had to find THE outfit that would stick to the theme imposed by Cristina Cordula: “Bet on a metallic piece”. No easy task. But luckily, Hapsatou Sy was able to count on her tender and dear Vincent Cerutti, who was particularly invested throughout this crazy shopping day.

And vincent he is 10,000 times in love with her it shows so much they are too cute #LRDS pic.twitter.com/FCp4SArjh9

For her part, Cristina Cordula has, from the start, exulted in front of the fittings of Hapsatou Sy. The “magnifaïk” have flocked in all directions! And even though the show had not really started, some Twitter birds indulged in some guesses against a background of lawsuits …

How will Cristina manage to grade without upsetting anyone? ? She is going to put them 10 at all like at the fan school #LRDS

Usually she likes nothing Cristina this week she will adore everything as if by chance! I warn you she will force-feed me #LRDS

And the rest of the fitting session didn’t help anything, quite the contrary. On Twitter, many Internet users hallucinated in front of the countless angelic remarks of Cristina Cordula, subjugated by the choices of Hapsatou Sy, considered unconvincing by a part of the Web.

Cristina is sure to like the end result since she is in fayotage mode today🙄 #lrds

A cocktail dress with an old oversized sweatshirt, military boots and hop, Cordula is happy Nan but it’s really rotten !!! # lrds pic.twitter.com/eShnMce8AW

It must be said that, usually, the Brazilian is rather the difficult type on the outfits proposed by the candidates of the Queens of shopping. This has provoked the suspicion of some Internet users a little more.

Fortunately, others wanted to come to the aid of Cristina Cordula, and, at the same time, Hapsatou Sy. No, really, tastes and colors cannot be discussed …

Good the next candidates take seed. That’s what we want every day. Of fashion! Dare !!! #LRDS @HapsatouSy

But Cristina if she likes these fittings, c that Hapsatou she manages lol #lrdsOn will see if she will criticize the others who will pass

“Cristina, she criticizes nothing at hapsatou” But hapsatou she is in fashion she is very stylish, that’s normal nn? There’s nothing to criticize #LRDS

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