Less Dino and Lotto King Karl at HSV


AThere were only a few constants at Hamburger SV in recent years, except for failures. For the most part estimated inventory of HSV, however, always included three things: the stadium clock, “Lotto” King Karl's song with the beautiful line “Hamburg, my pearl” and the mascot Dino “Hermann”, named after the late “cult masseur” Hermann Rieger.

The clock showed to the descent, how long the club (today: Football AG) was already in the Bundesliga. In the second league, she ticked on anyway, as a dumb witness how old the traditional club is. “Lotto” sang on from the beautiful city and mocked the Bayern, the SV Werder or Schalke. He also recalled major European Cup evenings against Juventus, and Tim-Oliver Horn became too colorful here at the latest. In an open letter, Horn recently asked to finally say goodbye to this anthem. Because they have little to do with the HSV reality and with nothing Hanseatischem understatement – after all, the Hamburg were finally in the season 2009/2010 European on the way. Horn is in front of the big fan club “Supporters Club”.

At HSV, therefore, a discussion has flared up on many levels, whether it would be appropriate to have a different outward appearance and a different self-image than the eternal reflection on tradition and dusty successes. Now the clock should actually be removed in just over three weeks. And even the pretty popular song could go to the collar, because the entire “stadium show” could be changed.

Mocking in the rest of the country

It is still not decided whether the HSV will go with or without “Hamburg, my pearl” in his second second division season. But it would be the right decision to give it up. Because in the rest of the country, the club for his eternal return to glorious days only ridiculed or even ridiculed. And when Sakai flanked behind the gate, Lasogga stepped next to the ball, or Holtby launched senseless runs, the question of whether the pressure of the dino-existence would not carry such errors still cropped up.

Dino Hermann, on the other hand, had been more economical in the last race, and when HSV played he was rarely seen in the stadium. He also has so much to do. Until the soon-to-begin summer vacation the friendly relic with the big belly wants to have visited 100 Kitas in the north. A proud number for the action started in 2017 “HSV goes Kita”. Then it is ratted, cuddled and also sung: “You are the HSV”. This is Dino Hermann's favorite song. So there are still success stories from HSV.

(t) Timo-Oliver Horn (t) Hermann Rieger (t) Lotto King Karl (t) King Karl (t) HSV (t) Hamburger SV


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