Health Less ecstasy during corona period, LSD used more

Less ecstasy during corona period, LSD used more

But those numbers certainly don’t apply to all drugs. Four in ten users of psychedelic drugs, such as ketamine, LSD, 2C-B and truffles, started using more frequently during the corona lockdown, the study shows. Nearly half of those users continued to use the drugs in the same way they did before.

For cannabis, users often used it as much or more. Only 16 percent said they used it less.

Less alcohol

A majority also left the bottle more often in recent months. According to the researchers, more than half (56 percent) of alcohol drinkers have started drinking less often since the introduction of the corona measures.

The nightlife has largely come to a halt due to the corona measures. “For one this was a reason to use alcohol or drugs more often. For the other, losing the opportunity to go out was a reason not to use or to use less (for a while)”, says the Trimbos.

4,460 participants

The study involved 4,460 people between the ages of 16 and 35 who attended a club or festival at least once a year. Read the entire research here.


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