Less office and personal rent: stricter rules for clerks and heads of state


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<p class=So far, the chancellor has waved every bill presented by former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. This should be over.

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Heads of state and heads of state are still entitled to chauffeurs, offices and other services when they are no longer in charge. For decades nobody has really been interested in how this equipment is used. Therefore the Federal Audit generates the alarm.

For the former chancellor and former federal president, new financial rules will soon apply, according to a media report. This reports the newspaper "Bild" and refers to a decision of the Budget Committee of the Bundestag. As a result, the additional revenue of the former federal president on the honorary salary of € 236,000 would have been credited to the year.

Furthermore, the Bundestag can choose the offices of the former Chancellor and former Federal President, so that extremely high rent costs do not arise. Furthermore, the maximum staff will be determined: an office manager, two loudspeakers, a typist and a driver. Also the office of the Federal President and the Chancellery are required to "finally take their supervision", writes the newspaper "Bild". The tax office should be used to manage past tasks, but not to organize private benefits, for example through supervisory mandates or advice.

The context of the new regulation was criticized by the Federal Court of Auditors. The newspaper cites two test reports from September 2018, according to which "the entire equipment for life" of former presidents and former federal chancellors had "crossed borders". When the new regulation should come into force, the report will not be shown.

The FDP politician Otto Fricke, a member of the Committee on Budgets, told the newspaper: "Our solution offers former presidents and registrars the care, security and equipment equivalent to the dignity of their careers, ensuring that no one deserves a tooth d & # 39; gold ".



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