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Back to being hot again for a sexy girl like “Ple Irin” after releasing the song Money (Listen and get rich)” Until it hits all over the house all over the city Until now, there is a queue of work to show the singer continuously. But the last time “Ple Irin” Go on a show to unfold and talk about how hot it is that men ask for kisses while traveling to Italy. Until making many people wonder if it’s a make-up story or not?

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Until the person asked to come out and explain the story that happened through a personal Instagram stating that … “Give me some space to explain… From the comments of the latest “Exposure List”, there are many People wondered if we made a story while walking around. Someone asked for a kiss in Italy!! This is a picture while hurriedly walking alone to see the waterfall. Varenna This young man (first picture) shouted to us. Hey! At first we were scared. Hurry up and walk away. At that time, it was lonely, there was no one, she ran after him and said “Hey! You’re so beautiful, I want to kiss you” We laughed out loud and thought, “Oh!! Dare, wow!” After laughing, we continued walking. She ran after him and said,May I take aphoto with you please?” … So got this picture as a souvenir (Ps. She’s 21 years old, her hormones must be surging)

As for the person in the second picture, the same day Found on the way back to Milan She sits and watches throughout the trip. We are very scared until we get off the station. Let me take a picture!.. We’re not saying that we’re hot! But we think they normally look at cute Asian girls. I want to know that if you go, it’s hot too! Right now, our lives are at a point where we really want to thank everyone from our hearts. no matter how to enter You still pay attention to us. We intend to produce every work and promise to give sincerity through every word from every opportunity, every talk show in return for all friends.

Believe it, because the person took the evidence as a picture to confirm this much. I can tell you this event. “Mae Ple” is a real person, beautiful, good shape, sexy like this type of Sai Fon. Of course he did, but this young man did a good job as well.

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