The solidarity crusade led by Mario Kreutzberger, Don Francisco, took place on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 September, within the framework of the National Holidays.

A total of $ 16,427,363,537 raised the campaign “Let’s go Chilenos!”, An initiative led by Mario Kreutzberger, Don Francisco, whose objective was to help people over 80 years old identified as vulnerable by the Conecta Mayor foundation of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) and whose situation has been aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have done the math (…) We are not going to serve 50 thousand people, nor 60, nor 70. We are going to reach 80 thousand people with the device, we will have connectivity paid for two years. In one thing we could not comply, in the supplies and food we will only be able to deliver for two months, with the possibility of a third month depending on what we collect in this last hour, “said Don Francisco after announcing the calculation.

The animator also explained that the devices that will give older adults connection with municipalities, family health centers, medical specialists, psychologists and family members, will be delivered within 30 days ending in March 2021. Meanwhile, supplies and Food will be delivered at the end of October and November, with the possibility of the end of December.

“We are very happy to have been able to fulfill this. We are happy to have given older people the opportunity to make themselves visible in general ”, concluded Don Francisco.

The solidarity crusade was held on September 18 and 19 within the framework of the National Holidays and with a format similar to that of the last Telethon, with Don Francisco from his home and animators in person at the Teletón Theater. Of course, on this occasion it was possible to perform artistic shows on stage and not remotely, as happened last April.

How was the last day

The final stretch of “¡Vamos Chilenos!” It began at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday 19, with the animation of Diana Bolocco, Martín Cárcamo, Francisco Saavedra, Julián Elfenbein, Carmen Gloria Arroyo and Eduardo de la Iglesia from the Teletón Theater.

The first show of the night was in charge of the so-called “Fonda Panémica”, which brought together Leo Rey, Sonora Palacios Tommy Rey and Jordan.

Also on the stage of the Teletón Theater, the Inti-Illimani group performed, and from their respective countries Laura Pausini, Diego Torres and Alejandro Sanz sent messages. Likewise, Leandro Martínez, Quique Neira, Paloma Soto and Carola Soto paid tribute to the singer Cecilia, for her 60 years of experience. Each one performed part of Cecilia’s well-known songs – “Dilo quietly”, “No compromise”, “Mashed potatoes” and “Bath of the sea”, respectively – while the singer watched them from her home, expressing being very excited.

Meanwhile, a group of artists together with the Fundación Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Chile (FOJI), reverted classics of Chilean music such as “Curanto”, “La Reina del Tamarugal”, “La Joya del Pacífico”, “La Consentida” and “Viva Chile”. For their part, El Monteaguilino together with the group Sinergia performed the iconic “Caballito de Metal”. In addition, the Zabaleta Brothers, Gloria Simonetti, Marisa and José Alfredo Fuentes, interpreted today’s songs such as “Lie to me once” by Los Vásquez, “Angel from the past” by Natalino, “Your lack of wanting” by Mon Laferte and “No me Talk about suffering ”from Los Bunkers.

Around 11:20 pm, the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, and his wife, Cecilia Morel, sent a message as part of the campaign. “Today the call is for intergenerational solidarity, where the youngest help the elderly to enter the digital world and new technologies,” said the First Lady. “This solidarity crusade is a great opportunity for our older adults to continue growing and contributing, and for us to be able to give them back the much that they have given us throughout their lives,” said the President.

The night continued with various calls to donate and also with the humor of Stefan Kramer, who around 01:00 hours presented his imitations and a video in which he interpreted himself as an older adult, along with his colleagues in “Partners ”, Francisco Saavedra, Jorge Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot.

After 02:00 hours, Don Francisco delivered the last count of the night, $ 16,427,363,537, ending the program at 02:23 hours after the interpretation of the National Anthem.


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