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Belly fat will have a dangerous side effect when you are 50 and over, here’s why.

Nakita.id – Having a distended stomach at this time does look safe and has no significant problems.

But do you know, this will be dangerous if it happens at the age of more than 50 years.

Why is that?

Basically, increasing a person’s age will make him more susceptible to health problems.

It gets worse when one has a lot visceral fat located on the abdomen.

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Confirmed by various experts, this visceral fat in the abdomen is the result of hormonal shifts and changes in metabolism when a person gets older, especially at the age of 50 years and over.

Therefore, at the age of 50, everyone should take care of their health and anticipate the appearance of visceral fat in the abdomen to avoid various risks of dangerous diseases.

This is because it could be, fat in the stomach can harm us in old age.

Quote from Very Well Health, apparently there are some side effects when we have fat in the stomach at the age of 50 years and over.

1. Potential non-alcoholic fatty liver

Inevitably, one of the causes of having belly fat at the age of 50 years and over is the potential for non-alcoholic fatty liver that occurs due to the accumulation of fatty tissue in our liver.

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This disease is often associated with obesity and other metabolic conditions.

Increased visceral fat has also been associated with increased liver inflammation and long -term accumulation of fat into liver tissue.

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2. Improve pain

Belly fat increases pain


Belly fat increases pain

Visceral fat can also trigger increased pain.

It is confirmed by arthritis researchers that visceral fat is much more harmful to our health than subcutaneous fat.

The thinking behind this phenomenon observes that visceral fat is inherently more inflamed than subcutaneous fat.

Several studies have linked high levels of visceral fat with increased inflammatory markers that contribute to pain.

3. Cause hypertension

Belly fat causes hypertension


Belly fat causes hypertension

Having belly fat at the age of 50 years and over can also increase blood pressure or hypertension and increase insulin resistance.

Furthermore, hormonal changes during menopause can make weight loss more challenging than other stages of life.

4. Increase heart risk

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Other than that, fat in the abdomen at any age has also been shown to increase blood lipid levels via the liver.

Cholesterol production is stored in the liver and individuals with high levels of visceral fat higher has been associated with higher total cholesterol levels.

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Higher cholesterol levels are linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

So, overall, an increased amount of circulating fat is bad news for heart health.

Therefore, while you are still young, you must maintain a healthy body and also maintain a good and quality lifestyle.


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