Lewandowski’s transfer to Barcelona has entered the final stage, social media has completely gone to Bayern jqknews

Original title: It is revealed that Lewandowski’s transfer to Barcelona has entered the final stage, and social media has completely de-Bayern

After Lewandowski expressed his refusal to renew his contract and hoped to leave Bayern this summer, the future of the Polish striker has drifted away from the Allianz Arena. According to the German “Sky Sports”, Barcelona has made an offer to Bayern for a fixed transfer fee of 32 million euros + a bonus of 5 million euros, but Bayern has not yet responded. The “Daily Sports Daily” said that Lewandowski’s transfer has entered the final stage.

Germany’s “Sky Sports” also pointed out that Barcelona coach Xavi has had two video conversations with Lewandowski. He explained to the latter his plans for the future and told Lewandowski that he hoped to get someone like him. 9 players in the sense.

And yesterday, Lewandowski’s agent Zahavi publicly bombarded Bayern, accusing the club of making Lewandowski feel extremely disrespectful in the past few months. Team reporter Kerry Lau said that the reason Zahavi bombarded Bayern without any scruples was because he got Lewandowski’s approval. And “Sport1” stated that Lewandowski has told Zahavi that he will do everything possible to sign with Barcelona.

On his social media, Lewandowski also expressed his determination to leave Bayern. The Polish forward changed his avatar and homepage background, removing all Bayern elements.

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