Lewis Hamilton angry with the management of the Spa Grand Prix: “The money has spoken”

Seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton openly and sharply criticized the decision to resume the Belgian Grand Prix for two laps, under a safety car due to the rain, Sunday at Spa during the 12th meeting of the world championship of Formula 1.

I am disappointed for the fans. We are not in control of the weather conditions and I love riding in the rain but today it was about something more important“, said the Mercedes driver over Sky Sports.”The spectators remained present and still had energy but their race was stolen and they deserve to be reimbursedHamilton said.I hope the fans will be reimbursed“Hamilton reacted, according to whom”money has spoken, everything is a money scenario“. “It is above all about money. Running two laps was a financial scenario. Everyone will get their money. It’s a real shame not to be able to drive on Monday ”.

After a break of more than three hours, the pilots drove two laps under a safety car but the visibility was poor and the conditions were not met. The red flag was raised and the race was finally stopped. Thanks to these two laps, a ranking was established and, for the sixth time in F1 history, half of the points were awarded. “It was not a raceHamilton said.I think sport made a bad choice today. These two laps were only used to have a classification. This is the one and only reason we left the stands“.

Hamilton has a three-point lead in the world championship over the Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who took pole at Spa and therefore declared the winner of the GP. The Dutch GP is scheduled for next Sunday in Zandvoort.

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