Lewis Hamilton would be appointed Sir on direct instructions from Boris Johnson

British sport will have one more gentleman. Is about Sir Lewis Hamilton, who, according to the Daily Mail, will soon receive the highest honor that the British crown, regardless of whether the pilot does not meet the tax requirements for it.

According to the aforementioned medium, Hamilton’s appointment was a direct request from Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, to the Crown; which is why the nation’s authorities found a kind of ‘legal gap’ to justify turning the pilot into a ‘Caballero’.

Hamilton, seven-time champion of the Formula 1, has all the sporting merits to receive an appointment; furthermore, after the death of George Floyd He was one of the few ‘Great Circus’ pilots to protest against racism and police brutality; However, there is a condition that prevented granting the title of ‘Sir’.

Hamilton was born and raised in the small town of Stevenage in the district of Hertfordshire; However, since 2007, the year in which he debuted in the Formula 1, lives outside the country; actually lives in Monaco, so theoretically the British Crown should consider it a “Tax exile”, which is why he could not receive the appointment.

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However, Boris Johnson found a way to resolve that situation. He Prime Minister instructed Lewis Hamilton to be listed on the “Diplomatics and Overseas”, so that the tax issue will no longer be relevant to the appointment, since the category in which it was placed is measured with different fiscal criteria.

Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart and Jack Brabham are other British pilots who have been made ‘Knights’ by the Crown. Further. Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir David Beckham are other sports figures in the UK who have received such a distinguished appointment.


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