Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota, arrives in Argentina in December


St. Paul's Hall

The news was confirmed by Steve St Angelo, CEO for Latin America, at the press conference that gave the brand during the show in the neighboring country

In addition to the first on the launch of new models and the announcements of prototypes that mark the future, the 2018 San Pablo Show was chosen by Lexus to announce his landing in Argentina.

This is the luxury brand of Japanese Toyota, one of the strongest in the automotive industry in Argentina.

Although it has not been confirmed which models the brand will market in the country, Lexus has exhibited five products in the show, all with hybrid motorisation, the only one that market in the region.

In this way, it is clear that among the products that reach the local market, the main novelty will be that they will combine the traditional combustion engine with the electric motor.

The brand also did not want to confirm where these premium cars will be marketed, that is if they will be in the same Toyota saloons or in others, even if it is already known that a luxurious Lexus house is renovated in Avenida del Libertador at 800, so 39, start, that would be your base.

short data

Lexus is a very young brand. It was created in 1989 by Toyota and means Luxury Export United States.

It was created by the Japanese to compete initially in the United States and then all over the world, against Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

In the early years, Lexus sold high-end models marketed as Toyota models in the Japanese market; subsequently the brand started to develop its own models. Therefore, Toyota Celsior, Altitude and Aristo have received the names Lexus LS, IS and GS.

This idea is similar to the only Honda applied when he created Acura and Nissan when he founded Infiniti.

Their models are characterized by elegance, fine lines and a very wide grid where the Lexus L stands out, as main features.

The first Lexus was the LS400 appeared in 1989. Born from a project started in 1983 to create a flagship sedan that could challenge the best cars in the world, establishing itself as one of the three large luxury automakers in the United States. Its creator was Eiji Toyoda, nephew of the founder of Toyota.

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