LFA announced individual prizes, dominated by players Slavia and Pilsen

Before the final weekend, the League Football Association announced individual awards. Mistrovská Plzeň has the best goalkeeper and striker, the staplers, on the other hand, dominated the defensive line and the advance. The final nominations in the category of player, coach of the season, league personality, foreigner of the season and also the best player according to the fans’ vote were also announced.

The season is coming to an end in the Czech Fortuna League, which means the announcement of individual awards. Media representatives as well as captains and coaches of league clubs voted in the poll. Jindřich Staněk clearly became the best goalkeeper, gaining almost twice as many points as the second Aleš Mandous.

Alexander Bah, the Danish offensive back, won among the defenders, leaving Lukáš Hejda and Dávid Hanck behind. Slavia is also happy with the best midfielder, Tomáš Holeš. Adam Vlkanov’s discovery in Hradec Králové finished second, while Ondřej Lingr was third.

Currently the best scorer of the Czech competition, the Frenchman Jean-David Beauguel, was declared the best forward, 43 points ahead of the Spartan Adam Hložek. Other prizes will be awarded, but the LFA has issued final nominations for other prizes.

Adam Hložek, Tomáš Holeš and Jindřich Staněk are aspiring for the title of player of the season. Michal Bílek, Miroslav Koubek and Jindřich Trpišovský made it to the nomination for the season’s coach. Jean David-Beauguel, Alexander Bah or Ewerthon from Mladá Boleslav will become foreigners of the year. Sor, Jurásek and Tkáč got into the discovery of the season.

Goalkeeper of the season
1. Jindřich Staněk (Plzeň) – 169 points
2. Ales Mandous (Slavia) – 88
3. Matus Macik (Olomouc) – 29

Defender of the season
1. Alexander Bah (Slavia) – 117 points
2. Lukáš Hejda (Plzeň) – 86
3. David Hancko (Sparta) – 53

Midfielder of the season
1. Tomáš Holeš (Slavia) – 111 points
2. Adam Vlkanova (Hr. Králové) – 58
3. Ondrej Lingr (Slavia) – 55

Forward of the season
1. Jean-David Beauguel (Plzeň) – 143
2. Adam Hlozek (Sparta) – 100
3. Vaclav Jurecka (Slovacko) – 80

The Pilsen footballers won the title after four years. The celebrations were tumultuous:


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