LG recommends gamers must know! 5 must-have features in a gaming TV of 2022

LG recommends gamers must know! 5 must-have features for a gaming TV of 2022 to meet the fun and give gamers great speed.

In 2022, gaming will continue to be another popular entertainment trend, with work-at-home trends that are still likely to never end easily, playing “games” that create feelings for players to enter. Being in a virtual world or a favorite community is a great entertaining activity during the time when everyone is at home. To help gamers enter the world of gaming to the fullest. Especially those gamers who are looking for a gaming TV, especially LG recommends gamers to check out a list of 5 cool features that must be present in a TV for gaming to meet the fun and provide great speed. Full gamer

1. High refresh rate Don’t worry about photo tearing problems.

The current game has developed various details. for the player’s taste The display that supports high-resolution games has to develop features accordingly. Gamers should look for a gaming TV with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz or higher, low input lag, and if the TV is equipped with G-Sync and FreeSync technology that supports it. With advanced NVIDIA G-SYNC, FreeSync and VRR graphics cards, gamers can compete for more real-time victories.

2. Set your own game play settings with Game Optimizer.

LG Cool Features Gaming TVLG Cool Features Gaming TV

Although connecting the game console comes with the appropriate settings that are automatically enabled. but for avid gamers Having a gaming TV that can be customized for different games will add even more fun. On TVs with the Game Optimizer feature that combines specific settings for different games in one place, whether it’s a selection of different game categories. Optimizing the visual and sound display for the game genre including VRR settings that help display images smoothly Help deliver a consistent gaming experience.

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3. HDMI 2.1 connector for smooth and uninterrupted display

LG Cool Features Gaming TVLG Cool Features Gaming TV

Gaming TVs with HDMI 2.1 connectors help to optimize the output from your gaming device to your TV. Provides a smooth, realistic, uninterrupted display of images. with fast response and low latency in connecting devices Thus increasing the chances of defeating opponents in important moments for players.

4. Support HGiG technology, upgrade the HDR image to not miss every detail in the game.

seeing details The game is clearly visible on the TV, allowing players to enter the game world more realistically. A TV screen capable of delivering a deep display feature. Requires HGiG technology, which upgrades HDR display for more outstanding color, contrast and brightness in in-game images. and also helps the image to be outstanding and realistic You can clearly see the details of the graphics in the dark and bright areas. thus showing the full potential of the game

5. Eye care screen show low blue light

The display features eye care (Eye Comfort Display) and shows low blue light. This is another very important feature for gamers. Because the blue light from the screen is harmful to the eyes and may affect the eyesight of those who play games for a long time. Currently, there are OLED screens certified by TÜV Rheinland, Germany. With only 34% blue light from the standard, no more than 50%, gamers should look for a monitor that is eye-friendly and certified by a trusted world-class institution. To ensure continuous gaming for a long time

LG Cool Features Gaming TVLG Cool Features Gaming TV

With the above 5 features integrated into the LG OLED TV, it will provide gamers with the best gaming experience to the fullest. Ready to meet the needs of watching movies with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technology, LG OLED series B1, C1, G1, Z1 can be purchased in sizes from 48” – 88” at LG dealers. at a starting price of 49,990 baht

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Interested parties can see more details at https://www.lg.com/th/oled-tv Or ask for information at the LG Information Center 0-2878-5757 and can track various activities from LG via www.lg.com/th

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