LGBTQ activists and migrant politicians from Brussels are coming to Budapest

Part of the European Parliament’s LIBE committee is visiting Budapest, according to the official justification, because the body wants to “find out” about the rule of law. “According to Justice Minister Judit Varga intends to launch another attack on the rule of law, which they use as a tool instead of a principle, over the Child Protection Act, and to discuss the Article 7 procedure, which is slowly becoming completely indifferent. ” It is clear from Origo’s view that the majority of foreign politicians visiting Hungary as part of the LIBE delegation are, in a negative sense, biased towards Hungary, and have attacked the Budapest government, which defends national interests, on several occasions in recent years. The surface of the attack has always been similar: the theme of migration, the issue of national sovereignty, the position of the LGBTQ lobby, and more recently the child protection package. The delegation consists of LGBTQ activists and migrant politicians, with the aim of forcing their own views on Hungary and, of course, all attempts to interfere in the spring parliamentary elections, as they meet a lot of left-wing politicians.

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) of the European Parliament (EP) will arrive in Hungary on Wednesday to “learn about the rule of law” on paper. The members of the LIBE delegation visiting Hungary are: Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield (Greens-France), Malin Björk (far-left Sweden), Bettina Vollath (S&D-Austria), Isabel Wiseler-Lima (EPP-Luxembourg), Anna Donáth (Renew-Hungary) and two right-wing, non-Hungarian politician, Nicolas Bay (ID-France) and Jorge Buxadé-Villalba (ECR-Spain).

The delegation is constantly attacking Hungary Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield led by a French green (Les Verts) politician who Judith Sargentini is considered the successor to the rapporteur. His task now is to continue the deadlocked Article 7 procedure, which was launched against Hungary in connection with the Soros-Sargentini report, in the autumn of 2018. (Anna Donáth’s presence will be completely absurd, the Momentum MP charged with personal privacy scandals will be investigated against her own country.)

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Gwendoline Delbos-CorfieldSource: © European Union 2019 – Source: EP / Michel Christen

Ms Delbos-Corfield’s EP group and her French mother’s party’s proposals include the distribution of migrants. The green politician recently demanded the suspension of Hungary’s voting rights in the EU in connection with the Child Protection Act. On this subject, he also signed a written question from Members of the European Parliament to the European Commission.

A few weeks ago, at a LIBE committee meeting, he demanded that the recovery plan for spending EU money from the recovery fund be examined a hundred times more in the case of Hungary than in other countries before approval. In Hungarian: called for a double standard against our country! Previously Györg SorosHe also lobbied alongside the American billionaire University of Budapest. Last year, the Hungarian emergency law attacked.

Malin Björk a Swedish far-left (Vänsterpartiet) politician who often vehemently attacks Hungary and Poland in his speeches to the EP.

Malin BjörkSource:

He has strong pro-immigration views, his report was the report that he said about 240,000 migrants should be distributed each year in the Member States of the European Union. As about Origo reported, Björk once stated: It would not only be possible for Hungary to receive a few thousand migrants, but it would be especially salutary. Furthermore, he also supported the proposal that withdraw EU funds from Member States that do not want to receive migrants.

In 2014, he took part in a protest that prevented a plane from Sweden from taking off for sitting on a newly-displaced Iranian illegal migrant.

In January this year, he declared that both Swedish and EU asylum policy was racist, highlighting the Hungarian Prime Minister as one of the reasons for this. In June, he also protested to the Commission over the Child Protection Act, and in the debate he called the erosion of LGBTQ rights part of the demolition of democracy and the rule of law in Hungary. This year he spoke at Budapest Pride.

By the way, Malin Björk is an enthusiastic participant in the events held by the Soros Open Society Foundation.

She is Sweden’s first committed lesbian representative in the European Parliament. He was previously co-founder and editor of an online feminist-lesbian magazine called Scumgrrrls.

In 2019, it came to light that he was tricking with cost reimbursements. He stirred a minor scandal in Swedish domestic politics when it turned out that she also pays for the European Parliament’s daily allowance by living in Brussels with her female partner and their two children. Related to this, part of the financial framework received from the European Parliament, on the basis of his own declarationshe spent on plastic female clitoris with the logo of the left faction. Regarding the latter, Malin Björk said that He ordered 200 pieces of 3D plastic clitoris, which he distributed and people were very happy about that.

Bettina Vollath Austrian Social Democrat (SPÖ) politician, member of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) EP group, well-known for his views on immigration.

Bettina VollathForrás: Getty Images / Thierry Monasse / Thierry Monasse

It strongly supports the mandatory distribution of migrants, according to him“We therefore need legal escape routes, human rights-based and individual asylum procedures, effective maritime rescue and legal labor migration – ways and opportunities – all without further delay”.

According to the Austrian left-wing politicianasylum and migration are major issues for the European Union in the future. Calling for a common solution based on solidarity is therefore not unrealistic, but it is essential for a good European future.

It also supports migration based on its community side.

Furthermore, Christmas is an avid believer, yet he is a member of the LIBE delegation, which claims to be “independent.” Not incidentally: members of the delegation will also meet for Christmas.

Bettina Vollath had previously called Hungary in the European Parliament a “seeming democracy without independent courts and freedom of the press”. ed.)

In July this year in the European Parliament’s debate on the Child Protection Act, he called for action against Hungary. In the same EP debate, he stated that he believed that women’s rights had been restricted in Hungary. Recently, he has frequently tweeted with the alleged grievances of the Hungarian LGBTQ community and stood up for Pécs Pride on his Facebook page.

He had a more serious scandal: He got involved in a dispute with his own party in 2009 when he did not want to pay his € 15,000 debt to the Graz basic organization.

Isabel Wiseler-Lima left-liberal of the European People’s Party (EPP) and politically politicized in the Christian Social Party (CSV); Jean-Claude Juncker with a former committee chairman.

Isabel Wiseler-LimaForrás: Getty Images / Thierry Monasse / Thierry Monasse

It also identifies with the position of the left-wing factions on the issue of immigration and LGBTQ. When voting on ideologically ambiguous resolutions, he votes in the same way as left-wing factions. He was a People’s Party rapporteur on the July EP resolution condemning the Hungarian Child Protection Act and challenged the package in his speech.

In the Christian Social Party, his party partner is a Frank Engel, who has been sharply critical of Hungary for years. In 2017, Engel even appeared at the Democratic Coalition Party Foundation event Ferenc Gyurcsány party chairman and Peter Niedermüller in the company of the then MEP, later mayor of Erzsébetváros.

Frank Engel, Luxembourg Member of the European People’s Party, Ferenc Gyurcsány, President of the DK, Péter Niedermüller MEP, Austrian Josef Weidenholzer MEP, Vice-Chair of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats and Ulrike Lunacek, Austrian Vice-President of the European Parliament, party at the Budapest event on May 6, 2017Source: MTI / ZOLTÁN BALOGH

This year, Engel plunged into a corruption scandal. It turned out that he had received 40,000 euros for the recruitment of members through a non-profit organization affiliated to the party, but he did not do any actual work. About this Origo wrote here.

Judit Varga: The child protection law continues to be attacked!

The LIBE Committee explained the position of the Hungarian government on its visit to Budapest Judit Varga Minister of Justice.

The delegation, which arrives on Wednesday, has no secret intention of launching another attack on the rule of law, which they have used as a tool instead of a principle, over the Child Protection Act, and of discussing the Article 7 procedure, which is slowly becoming completely disinterested. Judit Varga drew attention to him.

Hungary maintains a consistent and self-evident position: no EU institution can exceed the powers enshrined in the Treaties simply because a Member State does not dance the way whistleblowers in Brussels whistle – the Hungarian position was emphasized by the Minister.

Judit Varga added: We will always be open to dialogue based on mutual respect, but we have no illusions, because we have seen that when it comes to punishing Hungary, Brussels knows no borders.

“In any case, we stand before the meeting as a constructive partner, as our intentions are straightforward and our legal arguments are clear and confident,” the Hungarian Minister of Justice concluded.

French MEP: There is a Stalinist lawsuit against Hungary

One of the members of the LIBE delegation, Nicolas bay, the MEP of the French right-wing National Compaction, the deputy leader of the Identity and Democracy faction, gave an exclusive interview to Magyar Hírlap. He looked at this also Origo. Bay, according to his compatriot, Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield perfectly carries forward the legacy of Judith Sargentini. Based on your opinion the Article 7 proceedings against Hungary are “a Stalinist trial in which the accused has already been convicted in advance”. The end goal is to intervene in the spring Hungarian elections.

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