LHKPN Kadinkes Lampung Filled in by Staff, 5 Years Data Hasn’t Changed

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Thursday, 11 May 2023 05:20 WIB

Head of the Lampung Province Health Service (Kadinkes) Reihana sits down after undergoing clarification on the State Administration Asset Report (LHKPN) at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta, Monday (8/5/2023). (ADITYA PRADANA PUTRA/ADITYA PRADANA PUTRA)

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Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) disclose the State Administrators Wealth Report (LHKPN) of the Head of the Health Service (Kadinkes) Lampung Reihana was not filled in by himself, but was made by his staff.

KPK Deputy for Prevention and Monitoring Pahala Nainggolan said that his party would recall Reihana next week because the LHKPN of the Lampung Kadinkes has not changed even though it has been 5 years in office.

“Because yesterday it turned out that the LHKPN was made by the same staff. Therefore, the number is five years No changed him No know,” said Pahala at the KPK Building, Tuesday (9/5).

Pahala said he wanted to confirm and reconfirm Reihana’s assets. However, he did not know when the Lampung Kadinkes would be summoned to the Anti-Corruption Institute. Currently, the KPK is matching the schedule with those concerned.

“That’s why we call again because of him too No trust the numbers. Second, several bank accounts were also not reported,” he said.

According to him, the KPK recently discovered a bank account that Reihana allegedly owned. His party then decided to call Reihana again after seeing the balance in the account.

“We will see the contents of his bank account and we will decide next week to summon him,” he said.

He says there is an impropriety in Reihana’s property. According to him, this figure does not match the 14 years he has worked as the Head of the Lampung Health Service.

“Working in the service when the wealth is only two billion. That’s really it. Right, if you put it together he becomes the supervisory board in two places. Anyway, the income should be No that much,” he said.

Regarding Reihana’s luxury bag, Pahala admitted that he did not know anything about the luxury goods owned by the Lampung Kadinkes.

Reihana became a public conversation because she was caught showing off the luxury and famous items she used on social media.

One of the highlights was when Reihana carried the Hermes Birkin 40 Togo Rauge Tornate bag, which can cost hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Apart from that, in the photo Reihana also appears to be wearing a distinctive hijab style and combining her T-shirt and long skirt with a Louis Vuitton shirt.

In the LHKPN reported to the KPK on 16 February 2023, Reihana was recorded as having assets of IDR 2,715,000,000. The largest assets are in the category of land and buildings which reach IDR 1,958,250,000.

Reihana owns 498 square meters/400 square meters of land and buildings in Bandar Lampung, earning Rp. 498,000,000; land area of ​​4,881 square meters in the City of Pesawaran, own proceeds of IDR 1,220,250,000.

Then land area of ​​400 square meters in South Lampung, self-produced Rp. 120,000,000 and land area of ​​419 square meters in South Lampung, self-produced, Rp.


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