Li Bin: Weilai mobile phone development is smooth and Android users can sit and wait for the new phone release

According to news on November 27, Weilai held a face-to-face event with Li Bin today. At the scene, regarding the topic of NIO making mobile phones, NIO CEO Li Bin revealed:

The mobile phone team has teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the progress is relatively smooth. Regarding when it will be released, Li Bin said:There is no need for users who want to change their mobile phones within a year.If you are an Android user now, there is no need to change to another phone.

It is worth mentioning that Li Bin also said before that Weilai is definitely not comparable to companies that sell 100 million mobile phones now. It is not difficult to make mobile phones now, but it is still a challenge to make easy-to-use mobile phones.

According to previous reports, a blogger broke the news that “Wei Lai mobile phones will be released next year, and they will be available before the end of next year, taking the high-end route.” next year.”

Li Bin also revealed that the development of Weilai mobile phones is advancing, and a mobile phone will be developed every year.Like Apple, the mobile phone is now the most important device connected to the car for NIO users. For example, the second-generation platform of NIO is equipped with UWB as standard.

Apple does not open interfaces, and Weilai is very passive. Therefore, from the perspective of user interests and experience, we must study mobile phones and car-centric smart terminal devices.

Even if NIO wants to build a mobile phone, it is not from the perspective of commercial success, but whether users need a NIO mobile phone and whether this mobile phone can improve the experience of NIO car owners.

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