Li Haotong explained the wonderful performance of the Sony tournament and admitted that he has gained a lot from the Grand Slam_Chinese Player_Match_Championship

Original title: Li Haotong explained the wonderful performance of Sony and admitted that he has gained a lot from the Grand Slam

With a wonderful performance of 6 birds and 1 bogey in the second round, Chinese player Li Haotong temporarily ranked second in the PGA Sony Open with a score of 128 (63-65) and 12 under par, and successfully advanced to the weekend competition.

“I didn’t play very well in the first few holes, especially on the tee, but I recovered quickly,” the 26-year-old Chinese golfer said in an interview after the game that he played very well on the back nine holes. Yes, “took a lot of putts and played very solidly.”

Today, Li Haotong started from the 1st hole and made back-to-back birdies on the 2nd and 3rd holes, and then made another birdie on the 5th hole. He made three birdies on the 9th hole to finish with a 65. Looking ahead to the weekend’s game, Li Haotong emphasized that he should do a better job in kick-off, while trying to stop the ball in an ideal position.

In 2020, Li Haotong shot 274 (67-65-73-69) at the Grand Slam PGA Championship and tied for 17th at 6 under. This time on the PGA Tour, the Chinese guy admitted that he has gained a lot from the previous event. “That match was a good experience for me because I’ve never been in this situation before,” said Li Haotong, who was at the top of the PGA Championship two years ago, becoming the first solo lead in a men’s major. Mainland Chinese players. “The PGA Championship taught me how to be patient in a certain situation, and I’m very happy to be on the PGA Tour again,” Li Haotong emphasized.

When a reporter asked Li Haotong, who is wearing glasses, how he felt, the Chinese star, who is currently ranked 460 in the world, admitted that he has often worn contact lenses since last year, but his eyes are always dry because of it. If I forget to wear contact lenses, I will wear these ordinary lens glasses, and I feel pretty good,” Li Haotong said finally.

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