Li Tie: The weather is no longer a big problem, playing against Saudi Arabia is a good opportunity to prove yourself

Original title: Li Tie: The weather is no longer a big problem. Playing against Saudi Arabia is a good opportunity to prove himself.

At 1 am on October 13th, Beijing time, the Chinese team will usher in the fourth group stage of the top 12 matches. The opponent is the Saudi Arabian team with the best performance so far. At 23:00 on the 11th, the Chinese team went to Jeddah Stadium in Saudi Arabia for pre-match adaptation training. Head coach Li Tie and captain Wu Xi attended the pre-match press conference.

Regarding tomorrow’s game, Li Tie said: “After we played the game with the Vietnam team, we immediately moved from the UAE to Saudi Arabia. These two or three days were to allow the players to rest and make targeted preparations. Now the whole team has nothing to do with Artemisia. Junmin and Li Lei, and the other players are ready for the game. Saudi Arabia is a very strong team. It is a good opportunity for us to prove ourselves. We will work hard to grab every ball. I believe our players are also ready. All right.”

A Saudi media asked: Saudi Arabia has won three victories and the Chinese team won one. Tomorrow, Saudi Arabia will play at home, and there will be nearly 60,000 fans cheering on the scene. What’s your comment on this?

Li Tie replied: “Saudi Arabia has played two home games in three group matches and has a huge home court advantage. We have not played at home yet. We have played in neutral countries. This is a huge difference. There is a huge difference between fans and no fans. This is completely different. We also understand this stadium. It is very beautiful and can have tens of thousands of fans. We have not played in a stadium with tens of thousands of fans for a long time. I believe my players will be very excited.”

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A CCTV reporter asked Li Tie that the transition from Sharjah to Jeddah took only one day and two training sessions. How to prepare for the battle? Li Tie said: “When we were in Sharjah, we had made good preparations for Vietnam and Saudi Arabia in a month. There was only 4 days between the two games. A lot of work has been done in advance. We have done a lot of work these days. Just to reinforce the information delivered to the players, I believe the players are ready.”

After this game, the Chinese team will return to China. Speaking of this topic, Li Tie said: “The players have been out for so long, and every day in the epidemic prevention is faced with great risks. After this game, we will soon return to China. In the meantime, various departments of the General Administration have made great efforts. Although they rarely mentioned to me, they hope that our coaching staff can concentrate on preparing for the game. But we are all aware of the hard work they have put in. The players will be able to return after playing this game. Domestically, take a good rest for a few days. More importantly, we hope that the next game can be played in China.”

Some Saudi media asked whether the weather would affect the game? Li Tie said: “We have been in West Asia for a while, and the weather is fair to both sides. Of course, the other side will be more comfortable as the home team, but for us, the weather is no longer a big problem.”

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When asked about the topic that 60,000 fans will enter the venue to cheer for the home team, Wu Xi said: “For players, this situation has not been experienced much in the past two years, and there is no away experience. There will be many Chinese fans tomorrow. Cheer for us, and I also hope that their cheer can give us more motivation to dedicate to the fans with a wonderful game.” (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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