Liberec police are looking for a 14-year-old boy, without drugs he is in danger of death

The wanted fourteen-year-old Václav Bylina is 172 centimeters tall. He has a full-figured figure, a round face, dark brown hair combed to the heel and sidewalk, and brown eyes. She wears prescription glasses. At the time of the escape, he was dressed in black sweatpants, a dark blue sweatshirt, and a longer brown-green jacket with a fur coat on his hood. He had black shoes on his feet.

He escaped with two other boys on Sunday at about 11:35 on a joint walk near the Liberec Diagnostic Institute in U Opatrovny Street.

“All checks in the family, at acquaintances, in hospitals, in department stores, at railway stations and other possible places have so far been unsuccessful,” the police said.

According to her, the boy has a prescribed permanent medication and without the drugs he does not have with him, he could be in danger of life.

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