Libra boss David Marcus: The man behind Facebook's currency


MSeptember, Geneva, Hotel "Le Richemond", Reception: David Marcus pushes a huge dark aluminum suitcase in front of him, pulls out his Swiss passport and checks in. He has just arrived by train, the air conditioning was broken, in the car was 35 degrees.

In the early afternoon he had talked with government officials and the Financial Market Authority Finma; In the morning he had been to the Bank for International Settlements in Basel: meeting of the G7 working group on cryptocurrencies – "a very productive meeting," he will say later.

David Marcus grew up in Geneva after his parents – he was a Romanian, they were Iranian – moved here from Paris when he was eight years old. Mother-in-law and brother-in-law still live here. But he has no time for a visit: he will meet with delegates of the city and with the team of the Libra club, which has its headquarters here.

Hardly a man is currently as in demand as David Alexandre Marcus. Because no less than the currently most ambitious project in the business world has to answer for the 46-year-old. One can also say: the most controversial.



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