Licensed federal government workers can look at free basketball so much


Rally of federal employees on leave in Washington on Thursday. (Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

While the partial shutdown of the federal government lasted for nearly three weeks, many entertainment establishments have done goodwill gestures to the thousands of individuals and families affected by the Washington area. But it's hard to imagine that many sectors have been eager to help like the basketball industry.

Little consolation, of course. But workers on leave with clear calendars and strange priorities could go into a complimentary basketball binge this weekend, as few rational souls have ever experienced.


* The American University has announced that throughout the month of January, all federal government employees with a valid federal ID can receive two free tickets for home sports events, including men's, women's basketball and fight. "We would like to invite our neighbors in the DC area and their families affected by the shutdown to enjoy a night of high quality, the athletics events of Division I in the AU," said athletic assistant director Robert Sherman in a statement printing. (Read more.)

* George Mason has announced that federal employees with a valid ID may receive two free tickets for men's and women's basketball games during the license, subject to availability. The offer can only be redeemed on the day of the game at the EagleBank Arena box office. (Read more.)

* George Washington has announced that all federal employees with government identification documents can receive free tickets for men's or women's basketball games at the Smith Center. This includes Saturday homemade doubleheader.

* Georgetown has announced that federal employees with a valid ID can get two free tickets for the next two home basketball games. For male games, federal employees must go to window no. 7 of the F Street box office downtown, starting one hour before the rollover. For women's games, federal employees must go to the ticket desk in the McDonough Arena lobby on the day of the match, starting an hour before the rollover. (Read more.)

* Howard has announced that federal employees can get two free tickets for men's and women's basketball games during shutdown by presenting valid IDs at the Burr Gymnasium box office on game days. (Read more.)

* Maryland has announced that federal government employees can get two free admission tickets for Saturday's women's match against Michigan, and for Monday's men's match against Wisconsin. (Read more.)

Capital City Go-Go Capital announced that federal government employees can get two free tickets for two home games, including a Saturday night contest in the new Congress Heights arena. The offer is available only for the day of the game, at the box office of the arena, with a valid ID.

Should we plan a three-day program for a government official in isolation who loves both basketball (and wrestling) and free tickets? What do you think about this. Some of the commuters would be difficult (and some impossible), but it would seem that 30 free tickets are available for the enterprising worker in isolation.


Dayton to the women of George Washington, at noon

Providence for the men of Georgetown, at noon.

Army to American women, 16:00

Bethune-Cookman to women Howard, at 14

Bethune-Cookman to the men Howard, at 16:00

Richmond to the men of George Washington, at 16:00

Michigan to Maryland women, 4:30 pm

Columbia wrestling in America, at seven in the afternoon

Long Island Nets in Capital City Go-Go, 7 p.m.


Hofstra fight the American, at noon

Duquesne to the women of George Mason, at 14

Marquette to the women of Georgetown, at 14


Morgan State to Women Howard, 5.30pm

Morgan State at the Howard, 7:30

Wisconsin to the men of Maryland, at 8:30 pm

(And of course the license is not a joke for many people. This article is not meant to find humor in difficulties.)

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