Lidl, Aldi, Edeka and Co .: What will change in the parking lot in the future

So once the finances have been clarified, expansion can begin. And companies should do that quickly. Because the GEIG has clear templates for parking spaces that do not belong to residential buildings.

On Parking spaces, which are newly built and which have more than 10 parking spaces, must now on every fifth Parking area a charging station can be installed. This also applies to parking spaces that are being renovated from scratch. In five years at the latest, all existing parking spaces with more than 20 parking spaces must have an e-charging station.

The EHI Retail Institute has dealt extensively with the new legal situation. According to their forecasts, a charging station must now be built at 6,000 points of sale within a very short time. There is a lot of work and high costs involved in trading. But in order to ensure customer satisfaction, no one will avoid investing.

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