Lidl: Experts choose whiskey as a winner – Scottish fans are criticizing


Cologne –

As a connoisseur of whiskey, in reality it is known that for something of high quality, however, it should sometimes be used more thoroughly in its pocket. Normally at least 30 euros.

In the "Margot 8Yo Blended Scotch Whiskey" by Lidl, however, not – the 0.7 liter bottle is relatively cheap, costs 16 euros.

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And this eight-year-old whiskey was able to convince more than 40 experts at the "World Whiskey Awards" of this year and thus secured the first position in the "Best Scotch under 12 years" category.

"Queen Margot Blended Scotch Whiskey" as the winner

The peculiarity: the experts, who meet in Edinburgh, Tel Aviv and Melbourne from December to February, all try blind whiskey. So, all the spirits have the same opportunity.

This is not the first win of Lidl's alcohol: the discounter has already won the "Gin of its own brand of the year" Gin & # 39; s Icons of Gin Awards.

But there is an outlet: whiskey is only available in the United Kingdom. In Lidl in Germany, whiskey is not available at the moment, here is the Queen Margot whiskey only in the variant that has matured for three or five years.

The criticism also concerns the validity of the elections: repeatedly there have been reports that the cheap spirits of Aldi, Lidl and Co. are at home.

Not the best of the best

For example, last year, for example, an Aldi whiskey (for about 15 euros) was voted "Best Scotch under 12 years" (read here again).

The product was "only" one of the many sub-categories, but a subcategory award does not necessarily mean that the spirit is truly "the best of the best".

The whiskey expert Uwe Christiansen also told the "Star" that "neither he nor any other expert had ever heard of the competition" and that "you could not find a really good product in the price range".

The "Malt Whiskey" whiskey magazine explains: "It is highly unlikely that the Lidl-Blend will prevail against the very strong competition of all the other categories (especially against single malts, bourbons, blends of all the other age groups. , etc.). "

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