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Lidl: Man finds scorpion on the fruit shelf – his reaction is incomprehensible

Lidl: Man finds scorpion on the fruit shelf – his reaction is incomprehensible

on May 1st, 2020 at 10:08 p.m.

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With this creepy thought, many have already caught themselves: suddenly looking into the eyes of a giant exotic spider when reaching into the banana crate. In one Lidl in Scotland, a man faced a similar reality threat.

After lifting a bowler hat, he spotted a scorpion in the box! The man quickly took a snapshot and posted the picture from the Lidl a little later on Facebook. Some people could hardly believe their eyes there. The English-language “Edinburgh Live” reports on the incident.

Lidl: Scorpio is in melon cardboard

“So today I went to Lidl to get some basic food. Then I thought about buying a melon, and I found one of the melons I took with me, ”the Edinburgh man writes under the picture.

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On it you can see a brown box in which there are still some honeydew melons. On the side label you can still see the lettering “Handle with care”. But from where the man lifted the bowler hat, you can see a flattened scorpion! Well, not a spider like in the above mind game – but close enough. After all, the crawling animals with venomous stingers and scissor hands also belong to the arachnids family.

“Treat with caution”

After the man uploaded the picture to Facebook, the first comments were not long in coming.

  • “It says clearly: ‘Treat carefully’!
  • “I bet keeping this social distance was certainly not a problem with this thing.”

A user also tells a crazy story of how he was once confronted with an uninvited guest in a banana box: “When we were in the Navy, we bought our supplies in foreign ports. The cook checked the bananas before they went into the refrigerator. A colleague and I were also there to make sure the fridges didn’t slip. ”

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When the cook opened the box, they would have spotted a spider the size of a hand. “Three full-grown men climbing a ladder at the same time – that wasn’t exactly easy.”


This is Lidl:

  • Lidl is a discount company based in Neckarsulm in Baden-Württemberg
  • Lidl currently operates 11,000 branches in 29 countries
  • Lidl is the largest discounter group in the world by number of branches
  • Around 160,000 people work at Lidl worldwide


Melon buyer stays cool

The reaction of the melon buyer was also surprising. Because in the end he actually took the melon home! He says: “At first I just thought: Holy Mary! What the hell is that! ”First of all, he also found no employee in the shop to show him the crawling animal.


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Many of us would have had a screaming cry just at the sight – and in this case the employees would have only noticed that something was wrong. In such a situation, staying so relaxed, taking a photo and then calmly walking out of the Lidl with the bowler hat under your arm really proves a strong nervous costume.

Lidl: Are “disappointed”

By the way, Lidl himself told Edinburgh Live that they were “disappointed” that the “high quality standard of fresh fruit and vegetables at Lidl was not being met on this occasion.” They want to sincerely apologize to all customers. There are now further investigations with the melon supplier.

Well, have fun with your next purchase! (dav)



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