Lidl started selling an incredible thing. Czechs cheer, this changes everything. Saves big bucks

Some experts are convinced that new methods of energy production will not become widespread until they are completely widely available, both in terms of cost and ease of installation. But while just a few months ago the idea that, for example, solar panels would be sold even in hobby markets, where people would buy them and install them at home, seemed completely illusory, now it is a reality. And what’s more, you can buy your own photovoltaic power plant directly from Lidl.

That was missing here

Yes, this chain of stores was once again literally ahead of its time and started selling simple photovoltaic power plants, so to speak, next to rolls and yogurt. So far only in Germany, but experience shows that the assortment that proves itself on this market quickly travels to other markets as well, including the Czech Republic.

But let’s take a look at what Lidl actually offers people. Under his popular Parkside brand, he introduced his own photovoltaic power plant, which fits literally on every balcony. You can easily produce your own electricity and save a lot. You can buy it not only in the online store, but also in brick-and-mortar branches of Lidl.

The basic version of the photovoltaic set offers a power of 150 watts, with the possibility of expanding it up to a very respectable 600 watts. However, the price at which the starter set is sold is literally revolutionary. It costs less than five thousand crowns, and for this amount you get a solar panel and a smart inverter, which is also compatible with the Lidl Home mobile application, from which you can easily control it.

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Easy installation

The kit is modular, so it can easily be expanded to a higher output, up to 600 watts, with the help of additional solar panels. Such power is already comfortably enough to power a whole range of appliances found in the average household. You will also find all the necessary assembly material and instructions in the package, so you can assemble, install and operate everything as if you were buying a piece of furniture.

In Germany, the legislation already provides for such pieces. You can actually install a PV plant yourself and you don’t need any permits. Once you’re up and running, you just fill out a short form, which only takes a few minutes. In this respect, the Czech Republic should add, because it would not be that simple here. But that shouldn’t be a problem. The train has already started and it is difficult to brake it.

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