“Liège airport is leading our region to disaster”

Betting on Liège Airport means developing our ability to cause harm

The current ambition around Liège Airport must be radically reviewed. A chronicle of Inter-Environnement Wallonie (IEW), Climate Coalition, Liège Intergroup of Medical Homes, Greenpeace Belgium, Friends of the Earth or Transport Environment (T&E), Kaya Coalition, Liège Clean Air Committee (CLAP), Collectif 5C , Network of responsible consumers, Pierre Ozer (professor at the University of Liège), Thérèse Snoy (President of the Grandparents for the Climate), Claire Lecocq (representative of the local Liège), Etienne de Callataÿ (economist), Cédric Leterme (researcher at GRESEA), Pierre Eyben (president of “A contre-courant”) and Félicien Bogaerts for Le Biais Vert.

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