“Lies to free the consequences of their actions”: Videgaray responded to Lozoya’s accusations

Luis Videgaray Caso (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

This Thursday Luis Videgaray case, who served as Secretary of Foreign Relations in the period of Enrique Peña Nieto, responded to the accusations of corruption by Emilio Lozoya Austin and called them “false and absurd.”

“They are lies invented to try to free the consequences of their own actions. The only person responsible for the serious legal situation of him, his mother, his sister and his wife, is called Emilio Lozoya“, he pointed.

“It is not surprising that Lozoya now tries to blame others to save himself. It is an attitude that corresponds to your personality. Nor is it surprising that he tries to blame me precisely for his wrongdoing: Since those years it is widely known that we had a bad personal relationship, as a result of his poor financial management of Pemex, of what he intended to do with the Energy Reform, and of his conduct as a public servant ”, he added.

He also clarified that he will respond to the call of the competent authority to clarify the “truth” about the accusations and He said that he will defend his good repute before the corresponding legal authorities.

Lozoya’s accusation

Luis Videgaray Caso instructed me to receive Ricardo Anaya Cortés at the Pemex offices … He instructed me to give him 6 million 800,000 pesos”Emilio Lozoya Austin recounted in his complaint filed with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

In the document, Lozoya Austin pointed out that during his meeting with former PAN presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, he told him about his aspirations to be governor of Querétaro at that time, “and that he hated his opponent, Senator Francisco Domínguez for being corrupt,” but that he had negotiated with Videgaray Caso for support in reaching the aforementioned governorship.

Thus, in the first week of August 2014, Mr. Norberto Gallardo, who is a member of the Presidential General Staff and served as my Chief of Bodyguard, and whom I promise to present for an interview, gave the requested support to a link assigned by Anaya directly at the facilities of the Chamber of Deputies, who responds to the name of Osiris Hernández ”.

Lozoya Austin added that the delivery of the money was confirmed by Ricardo Anaya to Luis Videgaray. The delivery was made in the parking lot of the Chamber of Deputies, said the former director of Pemex.

File photo of the former director of the Mexican state oil company Pemex Emilio Lozoya escorted by Spanish police officers after appearing by video before the Spanish Supreme Court. Feb 13, 2020. REUTERS / Jon Nazca

The former head of Pemex, who was extradited from Spain last month to face a trial for accepting bribes and money laundering, has sought to deflect his guilt by accusing former President Enrique Peña Nieto and his former Treasury Secretary Luis Videgaray of ordering him to pay bribes for electoral purposes. and vote buying in Congress.

A photocopied version of Lozoya’s statement circulated in the media on Wednesday, prompting the Attorney General’s Office to say in a statement that it had not leaked what it described as “the copy of the complaint” from the former Pemex director, whose lawyers also dissociated themselves from the document.

In the declaration of 63 pages, Lozoya denounced former presidents Felipe Calderón and Carlos Salinas for “acts that possibly constitute crimes” along with Peña Nieto, Videgaray and more than a dozen other former officials.

In varying degrees of detail, Lozoya alleged that officials and legislators accepted bribes, received illicit payments and engaged in acts of corruption for several years, some of which were before he took the reins of Pemex in 2012.

Foto: REUTERS/Jon Nazca/File Photo

Many have already publicly rejected the accusations.

Among the defendants are former senators, two of whom currently serve as state governors, three other former secretaries of the Treasury and assistants to Congress.

Calderón oversaw corruption in his 2006-2012 government, Lozoya said, pointing to an ethane supply deal reached between Pemex and a consortium led by Brazilian firm Braskem that López Obrador has condemned as a scam for the state. Braskem has denied those accusations.

Salinas, who was president from 1988 to 1994, had been involved in lobbying for lucrative business for his son, Lozoya alleged.


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