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After China and Hong Kong cleared the customs, many citizens immediately went to and from mainland China to visit relatives and travel. However, citizens who are familiar with the market know that in recent years, life in the mainland has basically been inseparable from mobile applications. It has also become a “pain point” for Hong Kong people when they apply. This time, I will teach you the fastest way to apply for a mainland China number in Hong Kong, and immediately connect to the pulse of China!

Mainland digitization primary real-name authentication phone number
When Hong Kong people travel to the mainland, the first problem to be solved is the payment problem. Nearly 90% of the merchants accept electronic payment, and many of them even specify that they only accept electronic payment. Therefore, applying for electronic payment in the mainland is the top priority. Let’s talk about mainland banks first. Basically, 100% of them require mainland mobile phone numbers for registration. The reason is that when applying for various accounts and electronic payment systems, phone numbers are required for authentication purposes. As for the major payment systems, such as WeChat and Alipay, they also require registration and authentication of mainland numbers.

Don’t think that only large companies in the mainland accept electronic payments. Basically, small street stalls have fully digitalized transactions, so mobile phone numbers are very important.

Due to the rapid development of digital technology in the Mainland, other daily necessities rely on mobile phone programs. Most programs require real-name phone registration. For example, the transportation app 12306 requires phone number registration to purchase high-speed rail or train tickets. Otherwise, go to the ticket office to buy on-site. Need to queue up to waste a lot of time. In short, basic necessities of life require a real-name authentication phone number.

Many apps related to basic necessities of life in the Mainland require registration with a Mainland mobile phone number.

It takes a lot of time to apply for a number
Many citizens may choose to return to the mainland to take the stage, only to realize that the situation is not easy. First, when Hong Kong people return to the mainland to pass the customs, they already need to use the data to declare their health. It takes a lot of time to process documents, and if you need customer service inquiries in the future, it will not be convenient in Hong Kong. Therefore, the ideal situation must be to complete the relevant steps in Hong Kong, and you can enjoy eating, drinking and having fun as soon as you arrive!

CMHK “One Card Multiple Numbers” service is convenient and fast
China Mobile Hong Kong’s “One Card, Multiple Numbers” service can help you simplify the complexity. CMHK customers only need to apply for the service and register their real names at the store, and the store will issue the “Personal Data Regarding the Real-Name Registration Policy for Mobile Numbers in Mainland China” on the spot Collection Statement and Customer Consent Form”, which proves that the customer has been assisted in completing the real-name registration of a mobile phone number in Mainland China. At the same time, you can also register a large number of mainland mobile applications with a mainland number in advance, and all payments, transportation and accommodation are unimpeded!

If customers need assistance in Mainland China, they can contact CMHK for support by calling 400 120 4000 for free while roaming in Mainland China. There is also a MyLink App, which is convenient for various settings and to view your mainland number in My Account. At the same time, when you enter the mainland of China, you will also receive a reminder SMS from CMHK, which contains your secondary number in mainland China, which is very considerate!

Note that the virtual number cannot be authenticated
It is worth mentioning that “One Card Multiple Number” has virtual numbers and real numbers. At present, all online registrations in Hong Kong are virtual numbers, and your personal information will be transferred to third-party service providers for registration purposes. All The SMS is forwarded to the main number through these service providers, and there may be delays in receiving the verification code, resulting in invalidation. The most important thing is that it may be identified as a fake number and the verification code cannot be received. In addition, some virtual numbers use App to receive SMS/ When answering an incoming call, if the mobile phone has turned off the notification function of the App, it will not be able to receive text messages and incoming call notifications. Therefore, when you choose, remember to pay attention to the details, so as not to use nothing, which is a waste of money and inconvenience.

CMHK’s “One-Card-Multiple-Numbers” service is all real numbers, so there are no such problems, and customers do not need to change SIMs, which is convenient and simple. In fact, most of the monthly fee plans of CMHK already include the data of Mainland China and Macau, so the data can be used directly when crossing the border, and there is no difficulty in declaring health, ordering restaurants, buying bus tickets, etc.

CMHK “One Card Multiple Number” Service Charges
China Mobile Hong Kong customers apply for the “One Card Multiple Numbers” service, and the monthly fee is $18. In addition to the Hong Kong number, it also includes a Mainland China number.

Call any number in Mainland China and Hong Kong in Mainland China, at a flat rate of $0.65 per minute; send SMS to the whole country at $0.6 each; you can also enjoy free Hong Kong connection ringtones (original price $38)

In addition, you can also choose: $59/100 call minutes; $109/250 call minutes; $309/800 call minutes value-added services, subsequent calls; $0.59/minute

During the contract period, the 5G Greater Bay Area plans to provide free “one card with multiple numbers” mainland number service. The plan includes sharing data and free incoming calls in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, and is more suitable for cross-border users who frequently travel between the three places.

“One Card Multiple Number” service application details:click here

5G Greater Bay Area plan details:click here

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