Life in the Polsat village

According to the portal, Life in the Country is the Polish version of the Swedish format from 2001 from the Strix portfolio. Local versions of the show were produced in dozens of countries around the world, incl. in Great Britain, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Turkey.

Polish version on Telewizja Polsat

He is working on the Polish edition of the reality show Polsat TV in association with Constantin Entertainment Polska. The program will be attended by 14 to 25 men and women aged 20-55 who will live on a farm. They will be isolated from the outside world, their goal will be to enter into relationships with each other, take part in fitness tasks and also deal with farm work. Their stay at every turn will be recorded by cameras and microphones.

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During the program, participants are to survive in an abandoned farm with limited resources, without access to new technologies, electrical tools, utilities such as electricity, running water, heating. Any facilities or facilities will be obtained by the participants with their own work on the farm in accordance with the instructions of experts or thanks to participation in dexterity tasks carried out by a person designated by the production.

Each stage of the game will end with the nomination of participants to “duels”. After such a “duel”, the loser will end his participation in the broadcast and will leave the farm. The participant who will participate until the last day of the broadcast and win the final “duel” will be the winner of the reality show and will receive a cash prize.

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Castings are starting, the program will be recorded in early autumn

In recent days, the search for participants for the project has begun. To participate in the program, you must complete the form available here.

According to the information contained in the application form, the casting will end in September. There will most likely be recordings of the show in the same month. The shooting period will last up to 30 days.

When is the issue

The portal unofficially learned that the program will most likely be available in the spring of 2022. Polsat will most likely show “Life in the Country”but it is possible that the program will be included in the schedule of another station from the portfolio of Telewizja Polsat.

Polsat’s share in the TV market among all viewers in 2020 was 8.36%.


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