“Life is going to be very difficult without you” –

Exclusive. At the request of PEOPLE, her three daughters, Roxana, Soledad and Belén, write the last goodbye to their mother: “The void is immense and unbearable”.

At the request of PEOPLE, Roxana, Soledad and Belén they say goodbye to their mother in writing, Elsa serrano, the iconic designer who died last Wednesday, at the age of 73, in the tragic fire that broke out in her Retiro apartment.

Here is the touching letter they wrote to him:

“In a Disney movie the protagonist, when his wife dies, opens the album of photos and memories that she loved and after a couple of pages he finds the album empty.

We feel that, despite our infinite sadness, Mom’s album is full, it overflows. When you open it, you discover that things fall, because he no longer found where to continue sticking them.

Yes, I still had a thousand projects, because I couldn’t conceive of life without them, like his book and his exhibition in a museum, of what we will have to take care of ourselves.

There was nothing important left for him to do: he married twice, he had us, he saw all his grandchildren born … He built an empire by sheer effort, by sheer merit, to the top.

He knew the whole world, and the whole world.

When he went bankrupt and lost his Maison in 2001, he never looked back. She did not wail or lower her arms. We cried, we wanted to “rescue things” and she told us: “Don’t worry my loves, nothing happens”. She was not tied to material things, because she had the fervent conviction that she could always start over. As an upright and honest person that she was, she handed over the keys and that same day she bought two trestles, a plank and set up her atelier at home. She was reborn as the Phoenix.

Mama was a four-foot-long trailer truck. She was strong, determined, she knew what she wanted. She was cheerful, transparent, she did not know double meaning or evil. A woman who never held a grudge and always knew how to turn the other cheek. She was a simple woman, without turns.

These days, the words we hear the most to describe her were “generous”, “tireless worker”, “welcoming”. That was Mom. What she liked best in life and made her happiest was gathering her family and friends around her table. That is why she always opened her heart and her home, even though she sometimes made us jealous. He was super independent. She lived alone by choice, but she was surrounded by love. Even in this quarantine she radiated happiness and optimism. She was hyper communicated and aware of how we were all her loved ones.

We sometimes joked to her that she believed that everyone knew her and that she was not. And now, after receiving so much, so much affection and tributes from Uruguay, Paraguay and even from her beloved Italy,. we realize how incredibly beloved she was. It was not believed a thousand … but it WAS A THOUSAND !!!

His departure is the saddest thing that happened to us in life, an infinite pain that cannot be described. But She left as she lived: in a big way, as she was, noisy, protagonist. And it leaves a huge footprint, so huge that the void is immense and unbearable.

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He leaves us his example, his legacy as a good person. And most importantly: he left us three very close, with a heart full of love.

We love you, mom. Life is going to be very difficult without you in this world. You will be omnipresent.

And what you are for us, you will continue to be.

The thread is not cut.

Roxi, Sole and Beli “.

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