Life is Strange Remastered Collection already has a release date

A remastering that aims to bring us back to two of the most acclaimed narrative adventures.

Obviously, there are difficult decisions in life. But Life is Strange has achieved this same sensation in video games that stand out for their arguments that excite anyone who has gone through the raw stage of adolescence. Life is Strange Remastered Collection is a new option for those players who want to relive the experiences of Max and Chloe in an improved version. And, although it suffered a slight delay that moved it to next year, finally it has been a specific release date.

Because it is clear that the adventures of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm deserve be played more than once, something that, as it happens in any game of the style, allows to know alternative endings and different scenes. Therefore, since Dontnod it has been concluded that these stories must be recovered from a more renewed perspective, which will help even more to immerse the player in a title that envelops us with its teenage dramas, but real, and perfect music.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will have bonus content and an additional episodeTherefore, Life is Strange Remastered Collection will allow us to re-master Max’s ability and go through Chloe’s adventures again with a face lift. Something that will be easily perceived through your remastered graphics, lighting improvements and game engine, new facial animations and deluxe content for Life is Strange: Before the Storm. In the latter, from Square Enix they have already confirmed the inclusion of new outfits and a additional episode called “Goodbye”.

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Max and Chloe will transport us back to our high school days from the day February 1, 2022 on Stadia, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, being the version of Sony and Microsoft consoles compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series. On the other hand, and continuing with Dontnod’s work in the field of graphic adventures, you can expand your empathy with Life is Strange: True Colors, which is already available. If you want to know how Alex Chen’s experience has made us feel, you can read our anĂ¡lisis de Life is Strange: True Colors.

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